Saw Bellular's video and

Do you think next expansion will be a full Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms revamp ?

Why make all these assets right now , why have 700 members of staff to make an expansion when they made expansion with fewer than 300.

20 year anniversary of wow
30 year anniversary of Warcraft franchise

Nov 2024 release …10th expansion essentially a wow 2.0 launch ?!

Thoughts ?! would they excite you to play in those zones again ? Raid on those continents ?

Or do you want to see somewhere new and fresh ?


Haven’t seen the video, but yeah, it make sense to make something grandiose for double anniversary.

I really do hope they revamp the old world, especially Quel’Thalas and Azuremyst (they already have most of the assets from legion).
The only thing I am afraid of is that they would make the leveling quest stories cringe, but who knows. (If it was a revisit like Cata and not just a graphics upres)

I think they will do it just because they are going with Dragonflying into old zones and it will make sence to revamp old world to fit new post wod game…
I’m waiting for that kind of revamp since i saw WoD models and Wod world on release
i was like OMG i hope one day everything will be like this


Any video Bellular makes is a scam


Who cares about Bellular? All he ever does is spamming content in order to stay relevant for his followers. Either it be speculations or jumping on the shill/hate-bandwagon.


the question was more focused on the idea of a world revamp not about Bellular

They should really improve the whole area around orgrimmar visually tbh

Then why is

in the title rather than



More people doesn’t mean it’s going to be higher quality.

Yes because If I didn’t mention him , I would get 20 comments saying how I stole the idea from him and that I never thought of this myself and I’m fraud etc etc you know how pedantic everyone likes to be on these forums.


Let’s see. last year Ybarra have said that roadmap is exciting. Actual physical Blizzcon announced few days ago.

Yep, possibility that something big is in the making does exist.

You’re saying that he only can be mentioned in the thread title?

The idea of a world revamp is not new, and does definitely not originates from Bellular.

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If that man told me the sky was blue, i’d take it with a pinch of salt.


I hope so.
But I’ve been hoping for a revamp for a long time and been sorely disappointed over the years so I won’t hold my breath.

well they need to do something big and a complete overhaul sounds like a good choice otherwise most of the data we download to play wow is just waste , no one goes to old zones , people don’t even go to capital cities other than org and stormwind, there’s a huge pile of data/story being forgotten in these zones and lots of possible great side stories and expansions of lore .

i’d still prefer a brand new game with new engines tbh

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Best way to kill franchise.
Imagine how hard community will divide over this, imagine a shock of average joes when they will realise that WoW2 did not reached their expectations of a dream game they were expecting it to be, imagine shock of investors when they’ll realise that MMO is not so popular genre nowadays and new ambitious project brings not as much money as they expected.

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Oh god please no
Badlands still gives me nightmares

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What about ‘‘Harrison Jones and the Temple of Uldum’’?

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I think it’s unlikely. Some time after Cataclysm, Blizzard basically said that it was so huge an amount of work to update the old world, that they wouldn’t ever want to try something of that scale again.

Now it would be easier this time around, because they wouldn’t have to build zones up to support flying as they did in Cata, but at the same time it’s still a lot of ground to cover.