Scholomance p5 loot bug

Since Phase 5, I have ran scholomance multiple times, with many of the bosses not dropping anything but insignias, runes and some ‘skin of shadow’.

Other people have reproduced this, but are not sure if this is an intended change or not.

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Can confirm. Of the last 7 bosses in scholo 4 dropped only rune not a single blue item.

Did a run yesterday. Killed all the bosses, including basement and vectus(or whatever his name is). We got 2 of the new relics for shaman.

As far as I remember this was thing back in Vanilla.


Doesn’t say anything in the patch notes. Which is weird, I have also noticed that there is no Skin of shadow in Scholomance to pick up. Last minibosses (6 of them) drops only Dark runes. Did 3 runs after patch notes. :frowning: Scholomance seems really nerfed.

Trying to get the helm for my t0.5 quest and indeed only 2 out of the last bosses drop rare items and drop instead shadow skins or demonic runes. This is an issue that hasn’t been addressed nor spoken of.

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