Searching for social/PvE guild!

Hello everyone,

I am playing with my partner and we are searching for a nice guild to do some casual raiding.

We are based in the UK and can’t be available before 8:30PM server time as we have some busy schedules IRL.

We really want to find a guild where people enjoy chatting and socializing on discord, not taking themselves too seriously, in order to build some friendships who knows?! It’s a bit difficult for us to find out dreamed guild, either too much into PvE performances and/or not good on the social aspect.

I’m playing tank/ret paladin and my partner plays destro warlock!


Good Day Lyncee,

My guild has recently started up and we are looking for additional players to play with currently. I appreciate your availability times and this actually fits in with times I was thinking of holding events such as raids/dungeon nights. If you want to take a chance with a small group trying to make its way in the world please reach out to me :slight_smile:

We have managed to get some people into our discord thus far as well as get a few people chatting and we are looking to grow recruitment wise as well as social wise in the next few weeks.

Kind regards,


Btag: Justrix#21772

[A] Soup Squad.

Ello! I know it’s a little late but you sound like the kind of people we are looking for in TCN. The vast majority of us are adults with work, children and other responsibilities, and we respect the fact that people can’t be online 24/7, and sometimes need to take a break.

Check out our TCN Recruitment Post for more info. Hit me up for a chat if you have any quesions at all. :smiley:

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