Season 4: Lack of tanks and healers (LFG)

It has always been an issue, but with Season 4, it’s literally insane.

Joining or forming groups for Mythic Plus hasn’t been so difficult. Just like most of the player base, I’m pugging keys. Getting an actual invite is already a miracle, but then the source of the problem, and this thread, comes down to the lack of tanks and healers.

It happens with every expansion and has never been properly addressed. We gave it 5 minutes of thought - it may all come down to simply rewarding tank and healer roles after completing Mythic Plus. For example:

  • 20% chance for an additional item drop at the end of the dungeon as a tank or healer
  • 10% more RIO points as a tank or healer
  • Currency such as gold, resources, and reputation (kit)

Combining all three would be the best and most impactful solution.

As a class with only DPS specs, I wouldn’t mind it at all, if it could solve this issue or reduce its tragedy. It is the most annoying thing we currently find ourselves dealing with in World of Warcraft

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There is plenty of tanks . I myśleć Play on 2 tank alts.

Your problem is that with season this rough tanks are super Picky which groups they choose.

New lfg tools help with this immensly

For example i can choose option to not show me any groups where leader dont have at least 2k score.

That Alone filters out very very many groups.

Some tanks literaly dont see your keys if Tou have score below the treshold they set.

Those lfg changes took me by surprise but its best quality improvement of game in last decade for me

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They can put all the things as reward, it still wont make me pug. But maybe it would make others more likely to try an offspec for rewards. Looking at how ppl farmed plunderstorm for cosmetics, maybe some exclusive mounts and transmogs would be the incentive to put behind the tank and healer role :laughing:

You don’t solve this by throwing rewards at a crap role.

You solve it by making the role less crap.

That’s the issue that needs discussing.

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There is quite a lot of tanks and healers. There is very few tanks and healers who are pugging without pre-filtering the groups and aiming for their desired runs.

I don’t agree with tanking being bad but that is subjective as I like it very much and don’t like to DPS at all.

Before jumping to quick solutions, there is nothing you can do to change this - even if there was no group finder filtering and WA for the very same thing would be disabled forever, I would just switch to playing in my guild’s and friends’ groups.

No, it comes down to tanks and healers wanting to play with competent people and actually being able to pick groups.

Why would want to join McTankfrontals group where people tank every frontal/swirly known to man, where I have to do 170k hps, basically no dps in a +8… above Gigachad’s group where I only have to do 60k hps in +10 and I do 200k dps as a result of having so much free time to DPS because nobody is tanking frontals/swirly?


The short term fix is to buff Prot Warrior to the moon.

With the removal of the learning difficulties i am not going to tank this season.

m0 to m+5 is a good learning difficulty.

M+10 - M+15 really isn’t. +15 would be around my end goal of a full season with full gear.

This is about my tank skill ceiling;

Yeah no way, all m+15 is currently top 0.2% players.

I think you missed the news current M0 is old M+10 and M+5 is old M+15. They removed the +2-9 keys. So 0-5 aren’t learning difficulties anymore.

Damn, u have a rough drop off lol, from timing +26’s as mistweaver to depleting +14’s as brew :smiley: Jeez.

Yes i am a 10 year experienced resto shaman, holy paladin, mistweaver monk. I am a ‘no’ experienced tank and dps. So tanking is a full new game for me.

Currently i have 3 tanks and not going to bother since the amount of bad player surpass my will to play.

Mythic + i tried this season …
Dps is damn low despite that they have the gear…
Coordination is so poor that even if they stay on fire they don’t move .

And because of the difficulty in Mythic+ has been coordinated to the previous m10 is even harder for the majority of people.

Last and the most basic .
People choose always to be carried even in M0.

Did a M0 where as a Dps i ended up with more than 50% total dmg ( i don’t brag) This is really bad since you are doing something harder and expect from anyone to at least have a decent representation by playing to a high degree.

Ppl doing 80k single target dps… and many more.

So yes with all of this Tanks and Healers must pick the good one separating the bad ones .It Hurts but is real life .

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I think 80k dps is quite a nice number single target while doing mechanics for M0.

I’m a healer, no, this isn’t it. The reason I’m dpsing this season is that the dungeons aren’t fun. No reward will make me want to deal with something I consider unfun :dracthyr_shrug:

Make the content more fun for these roles. Make the gameplay of these roles more fun. Be nice to people. Nothing else is needed.

For a 490+ ilvl i don’t know …

I runned myself about 83k on BRH 1st boss in 483 gear on my frost DK. So i think it is rather OK. Simming about 135k. Having to do mechanics hurt.

For me , it is the DF dungeons that are super unfun and bloated.

I already got ksh in season 2 on 2 healers and ksm on 3 healers in Season 1.
I got my ksm this week on one healer, but I wont be doing it on another or pushing any higher.
I only need feet and waist to complete the mythic cloth appearance and I can do that my spamming +2 to fill vault with hero track and killing 6 heroic bosses (and praying to rng every week!).When I get these ,there won’t be any incentive for me to run M+.

Also the key squish plays a huge role. Before I applied to groups, I check the leaders M+ rating history across all DF seasons. If it was not ksh or ksm, I was not applying. Some pugs have not realized the scaling in difficulty