Season of Mastery World Bosses Arrive Thursday, December 16

Heads up! The world bosses Azuregos and Lord Kazzak will begin appearing on Season of Mastery realms on Thursday, December 16 at 23:00 GMT (Friday, December 17 at 0:01 CEST).

This means the beginnings of some Season of Mastery players obtaining Benediction or Anathema, which are started by Lord Kazzak, and the Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, which is dropped by Azuregos.

See you in Azshara and Blasted Lands!

Ye yea this is VERYYY cool but… What about bots ?When u will finaly detect and bann them?Ty


8000$ kinda sadge

Just about the right time to be honest, good stuff.

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Is this a joke? rofl


You are a community manager, and you’re posting this nonsense, yikes.


Why is the CM posting nonsense?

Those Items are already ingame available.

Great, now reduce honor gained inside AV by 10 times so we get ride of all these semi afk players and bots.
Let the R14 actually be somewhat of a PvP Performance.

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Awesome - I am lvl42 already!


Yes. Right place, right time.

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First of all: It never was. Never.

Then: You would’ve to wipe all progress if you were to do that. Players would quit and there you are, playing your game - alone.

Perfect. Oh wait…not. Half of my Dreadnought server still in levelup phase, not completed MC prequest, didnt see the new boss mechanics.
I think, this SoM starting to be a complete fail in this way… the main problem is, the leveling still very slow, getting raid pre-bis gear still too slow and as I saw in the MC videos, the bosses still drops the same amount of loot, like was in Classic. But the time is much less to gear up for the next phase.
Or I missed something?

Ps. sorry for my bad english, not my native language…

Once they fix this it’ll be perfect. Only thing I dislike about SoM is the AV spam.

The levelling is already too fast. Questing/levelling is my favourite part of the game and any faster than it already is will ruin it. By the way people are still going to be running Molten Core and onyxia for a long time yet…

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