Seems like 80-90% of BG lately are premade and it has made me tired of PvP

Let people who group up get in queue against other groups might be a solution


thread number 12343987432z983 about the same topic :sleeping:


Nothing wrong in stating grievances if they’re long recurring

It’d be like if your power went out, for an entire week, and then didn’t put another complaint because “well I did it on day 1… and I didn’t want to bother anyone after…”


It is day 3425, complaint 241234 and the power company doesn’t seem to care :slight_smile:


Not entirely accurate given the social media post from Josh Greenfield. They are aware of the issue and are exploring the best ways to combat it.


They care. Premades on their radar now. Something will be done.

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Blizzard don’t give a damn about 90% premades in classic, where honor and rank level are actually important.
I doubt they have this topic on horizon for retail :smiley:

The recent social media post from Josh Greenfield says otherwise.

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It’s almost like it’s a problem.


And we’ll still complain, just like after thread number 12343987432z983 you stuill haven’t realised, or more to the point, you don’t care how many peoples games you ruin. Speaks volumes of your character, I scrape better off my shoe after walking the dog.


The more complaining the better. Then it starts really showing how many who are grieved by premades, so keep them coming!


I would be fine with random battlegrounds being “no group queuing possible” and if you want to play in a group you get matched against other groups.

That would make them more fun again, at least in terms of not getting steamrolled from premades with your team afking or leaving and ruining everything, because most just give up when they face a premade.

It does not matter, if you write “please try to fight them” or try to chat-organize, people just leave and afk and there is nothing you can do about it but be upset about another ruined match.

And no - I do not want to join a premade myself to combat that - that is what rated battlegrounds are for. If you are a premade - please go there and stop ruining the evening for others who want to enjoy some battleground fun without tryhard steamtrains.
Please. Pretty please. Even prettier please.
And stop insulting people who don’t enjoy playing in or against premades.


It would make both sides of the fence way more competitive, therefore way more fun for all, unless steamrolling those that simply don’t have the possibility to fight back is what you call fun.

I usually play with 2 other friends. Its good fun just to hit the que button and play with them. I dont have any problems with premades in random bgs.

Edit; maybe i should add that 10 man premades are a problem but 5 man im ok with

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I play with guildies in BGs on a daily basis, sometimes with Fistus. When I’m running with guildies we often don’t even have a healer in the group. We certainly don’t 5-stack like some do with 2 healers. We play with whoever wants to play. That is the way Blizz intended it I think, just a group of homies getting together for some fun.


Nobody ever suggests people shouldn’t be able to play with their friends, just that it would be better for all parties if it was matched versus other teams of friends. Once you have 5 mates together, particularly in a 10 man BG, you’ve almost won the game already, which on the flip side, means someone else has already lost the game. I’m sure there’s plenty of games where this just happens by chance anyway and I’ll wager those games are way more fun than when it’s literally 10 randoms. At least only a 5 man does still leave room for different variants and outcomes though, that you simply don’t get versus full premades. So for me it just makes sense that 5 mans get put into a pool with other 5+ man groups.

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No premades in Blitz :heart:

Just gather a few friends and you can easily fight back against any 5 man premade.

And if they take measures against premades, it is the queue syncing variant they should punish first, for they are bending the rules.

It is.

The teams that just write nothing about them and play to the best of their abilities win more often against premade opponents.

Playing casual bgs in small groups up to 5 is explicitly allowed.
Players who never set foot into RBGs should remain silent about a bracket they know nothing about.


Back to business, a premade with 2 or 3 is not the same as one with 5, or one with 5 dps as one with 2 healers, one that plays with voice chat or one that only uses text chat. . When you ask that premades only be put together with premades, you never take this factor into account, which is practically impossible to solve without increasing the waiting queues to more than an hour. On the other hand, if according to the op, 80-90% of the bgs are against premades, if they separate the premades from the other players, few people will be left to play. You are going to spend hours in the waiting queues.

Many of the people who are against premades want their eradication completely. even the 5-player ones that have always existed. These are people with problems when it comes to socializing in an MMO who, instead of adapting to the game, want others to adapt to their demands.

Finally, there are people who are directly incapable of winning anything (because they count as -1 player) and blame the premades even where there cannot be any, as happens in the blitz, which were designed mainly for those who wanted to sign up alone without taking into account the factions.

Basically no, you can’t compare groups of 3-4-5 people with an RBG, where you need voice chat, 3 healers, 1 tank and 6 dps, usually from a series of classes considered “meta/Fotm”

Not all specializations are accepted in serious RBGS.

I’ll repeat again. You dont want premades? Then play Blitz.


Sad but true.
I played a few rounds of Battlefield 4 last night with Hühnchen for a change.
As a Battlefield player, the idea to remove playing in groups completely seems ludicrous for me. In Battlefield games, you get rewarded generously with bonus points if you perform actions with your premade squad mates. The game actively encourages you to make friends, group up with them and fight together.

Its not even about perfect meta classes or discord. It is just the fact that spontaneously building an RBG team from scratch is very time consuming. Last Friday I arranged our last RBG with my wow playing friends on whatsapp. I told everyone to come at 8 PM (20:00), we did a few casual rounds with the ones that were there until everyone arrived, at 20:30, I started recruiting players in LFG, before we could start it was 1 hour later. three players left even though we have won the round because they only needed one win.

We were trying to rebuild, but couldn’t find adequate players, so we called it a day after one round and continued playing casual bgs instead for the rest of the evening.

So we ended up playing 13 rounds of casual bgs and just one rated bg on our RBG night, and in the time it took us to find players for our one round of twin peaks and actually playing the round, we could have played like 8 more rounds of casual bgs.

And if you think I am exaggerating how time consuming spontaneously building RBGs from scratch really is, take a look at this screenshot. It’s my REFlex match history.
I’m telling the truth. Building RBG teams even if you already have 2-4 premade buddies is a task that not even Sisyphus would envy. It is such an ungrateful waste of time where you have to deal with liars in LFG and people who don’t want to join voicechat constantly. Casual BGs are so much easier to get into and accessible.


I hope we can find competent players willing to do some kind of cooperation with us soon so we can finally play RBGs and won’t need to do this anymore.