Semi-new player looking for guild <Mazrigos>



Played WoW a long time ago and just recently got back into it. My main is level 78 and my playing times are generally Thursday through till Monday. Looking for an active guild that is open to new players!

Many thanks!

(Poisonenvy) #2

Hiya. You’ve not mentioned what sort of guild you’re after, or if you’re willing to switch …

Dark Wolves are a Horde guild on your realm … so obviously we’re a different faction, but if you’re happy considering a switch, then we’d be happy to consider you.

We are probably around a 50/50 guild social/raiders guild … but that doesn’t really cover it, as some of those who raid don’t raid all of the time, some of those who don’t raid may consider it occasionally.

We have no split between “raiders” and “socials” … everyone plays the game to enjoy, and no-one logs on only to raid.

We do raid Wednesday and Friday, plus often an extra raid on a Sunday at the moment … space in all raids.

Various dungeons, etc, also take place pretty randomly.

Feel free to check out our realm ad for more info: [H] <Dark Wolves> Social & Casual Raiding Guild (18+)


Good morning lilfamine. If you are willing to switch we may be the guild for you! Who are we? We are Solar Noctis on the frostwhisper/Bladefist/Zenedar cluster! We are always keen to help new players. We are a social, casual raiding guild. Have a look at our recruitment post below and if you have any other questions, just ask :smiley:

Solar Noctis (Frostwhisper/Zenedar/Bladefist) is a casual raiding guild, we are seeking active members to rebuild our raiding team . We are currently looking for a DPS with a tank OS and healers for our current raid nights. To date we have cleared 8/8 HC and 6/9HC.

We are an English-speaking guild who strive to create a friendly, helpful community.

We want to clear content at our own pace. So if you are looking for a guild that intends to push heroic/mythic on week one this isn’t it.

We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and therefore we are not in the business of demanding players to “be on at a certain time or else” - that goes against the relaxed and social environment we aim to create.

That being said our raid times will be

Wednesday 20:00- 23:00

Sunday 20:00 - 23:00

We also have a night for multiple M+ groups to complete keystones for the week, at many different levels. However it never stops us doing more throughout the week :slight_smile: .

So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid or just hang out or if you’d like more information contact our guildmasters!

Luctish (Luctish#1984)

Gormac (Garaidh#21616)

Lossee (Lossee#2651)


Hey Lilfamine! who cares on Hellfire is a newly-recruiting guild that has new, returning and veteran players. We’ve been levelling a handful of new chars of late, as our newer guys want to try them and see which to progress fully first xD It’s been a lot of fun, and we’re running dungeons as we level in order for everybody to see them all!
Alongside that, those of us who have higher level chars are levelling those up, or (in my case) working on getting raid ready (ilvl 398!). There’s almost always another toon around at a close enough level to play together!
Our goal is to have fun levelling together, keep improving our skills as a team and cover every dungeon and raid all the way to current content!
We’re most often around about 7pm-midnight, but as a couple of us have weird schedules, there can be people on anytime, any day!
We’re keen to find a few more people who want to play the game in a stress-free, fun environment, and do a variety of things, from chasing achievs, collecting pets/mounts, to raiding.
We also have a Btag community (after we discovered they’re a Thing!) so we can still group chat to guildies who also play Hordeside or have chars in other guilds/realms!
If you (or anybody reading) is interested at all, feel free to add my btag Mumm#2233 for a chat.