Send "Proof" and Explain the "Premade"-problem to

Talked to a GM some weeks prior and this GM told me of an email and an tip to use the “optional in-game report” (Which says the same thing as im about to say).

It was said it could be used to report “Abusers, Bots, Glitchers and Hackers” to.
Including the most common problem mentioned (over and over again on this PvP-Forum): Premades, as this was the topic of my Ticket ill now give out the Email and this information to help others.

So if i understand Blizzard support right:

Send an email Explaining your (and the raid-/BG group) Problem, Names of the Premade leaders that we all know, Printscreens and Video furthering your point to this email:

Takes a couple of minutes. But maybe this will rustle their jimmies (The Blueposts/GMs) and wake them up.
And if you end up being GY farmed for 30+min, like ever other premades ends up like: Mention the email, the ingame option and making a Thread on these forums to your team.
Keep stressing about if they ever want this madness to stop, we need more people to speak out.

Now when the post got flagged, perhaps a moderator might actually check these forums?
I also updated the text, forwarding more exact what was said to me.


Falsely reporting people is in itself a bannable offense, just so you know. Requesting people to falsely report others (which you are doing here), is also a bannable offense.

I also know that you’re not being truthful. Support will only direct you towards that email if you’re suspecting that someone is actually cheating, like using external programs to tamper with the game or automate gameplay.

Last time I checked with support about premades, they said to report players in-game through the report tools. I also know that they don’t ban premades for being premades because it doesn’t actually violate the rules.


Falls under harassment and game sabotage. Make sure to report all outliers for RULE BREAKING.

There’s a limit on 5 man queueing, but people have the audacity to queue sync and force half of their guild roster into a single BG to PvE farm unorganised and undergeared players.

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I smell AI generated response

Sorry to get a real GM you have to open 7 tickets, not just 1-3

When you will send them and accuse them of cheating, the team who check cheat corresponding to your description.

If they find no code cheating used in the videos as said Lianori it will backlash
Because the amount of people who try to ban popular people just because they play wow is consider as harrasement

And due to recent cases of harrasement , blizzard no longer joke on the team of " glitchers / hackers "
Mostly to due of some cases been in justice and blizz don’t like to see case of wow about harrasement.

If it’s just because you lose versus premade just said you lost versus premade
because if you say they cheat when they don’t it’s consider harrasement or making a employee lose his time and they don’t like that.

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All I read was blah blah blah.

What a load of tripe “popular people”.



Its not a false-report.
Bypassing game mechanics which limit you to play with a maximum of 5 premades is by definition a violation that also by chance results in game disruption.

Ok so how does this work really:

  • find 15-25 people and seperate them by 5 people per group.
  • leaders communicate when they get a que in order to sync up and enter the bg together.
  • if the time by which they all get a pop syncs 9/10 times that means they’re called in the same bg.
  • if times of pop up que window do not sync they simply cancel que and reque until thet sync.
    -Ok all on board with the information? Good.

If Premading above 5+ people is not abuse of game mechanics then explain to me why do these premades need to bypass the system limit of 5 people via making so many seperated groups and try to sync their que up in the first place?


Imagine, being so lame, that you will spend all that time creating a premade and sitting waiting for queues to sync, instead of using the numbers you have and the obvious amount of time you all seem to have, added to your ‘supposed’ really good players ego status… then not doing rated. Instead opting to grind players that are extremely ill equipped to fight back. You people really are a massive embarrassment to gaming.


Except that if you have a large community of say 60 PvPers that all just make 5 player groups and queue up whenever, you’ll end up having 2~3 groups in each opening ebg and this has nothing to do with queue syncing, so you can’t even prove it.

Or you know, go play another game if you don’t like teamwork.

Still not a single premade abuser can answer me -

Can you group up to a random BG with more than 5 players simultaneously?

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yes, by syncing queues :slight_smile:

This has been a common practice like… most of WoWs history, so it doesn’t seem to be against ToS. Even if it was, Blizzard doesn’t care apparently :slight_smile:

They have bigger issues with PvP, e.g. a single Specc out of almost 40 Speccs controls more than 1/3 of the top ladder:


Just because there are bigger issues (in your opinion) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fix the issues that are supposedly less than. It’s like saying people in foreign countries are dying, so we should ignore mental health, and cost of living crisis, or whatever else you claim is to be ignored because there’s “bigger issues”.

People are literally not queueing. Epic BGs were already a high chance of facing premaders, it’s gotten worse and worse.

Only way to fix this problem to keep being persistent with the reports, and keep bringing it to Blizzard’s attention on how it’s affecting the general player base who don’t feel the need to be slimy. It’s disruptive, wastes players time and generally isn’t allowed, thus why the 5man restriction is there.

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You don’t agree that broken meta classes like DHs and Discs right now are a far bigger problem for PvP in general? xD


This thread is about premading. Not DHs and Discs. If you want to complain, go make your own thread about them.

You’re acting like there can’t simultaneously be more than 1 big problem in PvP.


I don’t have a problem with teamwork, you have a problem with facing other teams, plain and simple… doesn’t matter which way you try to slice it.

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oh, there can be, and they are. But premading is more of a symptom than the root of the problem.

Fix gearing and matchmaking, fix afk/leavers, make solo queueing a fair experience and people will less likely form big premades.

I read about the frustration some players have when they encounter premades, I have the same frustration when I enter a BG with a 200k healpala, while the enemies have a 900k disc priest, you know how I can change my fate and have more fun? queueing with a good healer :slight_smile: Apply the same thinking on epic BG scale and you understand why this is a thing

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Having someone low geared on your team was never really a problem until premades, down to the simple fact that both sides almost always had some low geared and some better geared… that is the very nature of entry level, casual and random BG’s. It almost always balanced itself out.

If players trying to gear up and not know their class very well bothers you that much, then you are 100% in the wrong venue, the correct venue, where everybody is well geared and knows what they are doing, is rated.

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Maybe the gear disparity hasn’t been as big/impacting as it is currently, but this has always been a reason why people prefer to play with friends/guilds/communities instead of random players (who can guarantee you a loss, aka. 200k healer)

Na dude, I’ve been playing this game since Vanilla. Unrated BGs 24/7, indepent from group size and spec and roles, a lot of us do that daily. Good players with gear can not play unrated BG? is that what are trying to sell???

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I’ve been playing since Vanilla too, and I know for an absolute fact that the games used to balance themselves out way better than they do now… yes, some of that is down to gear disparity but a lot of it is down to gimps in groups who are scared to play rated cos there’s better groups in there than them. New players can barely get a chance to get out of a GY these days to be able to do anything to learn or gear up cos there’s 5-10 mates all geared up and more interested in just aoe’ing them into the ground than doing objectives. Same people are the ones moaning about wanting progression when the progression is usually staring them smack in the face in the rated queues, yet all of a sudden they don’t seem too interested in progression any more.

Nobody said good players with gear can’t play unrated, but when you need you and 9 of your so called best mates with you, to face a group of random misfits that don’t speak the same languages, are poorly geared and don’t know their classes very well, then that is as watered down and anti PVP as you can get, you may as well be fighting fresh air.

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premades exists since the start of wow,


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True, true. Thats often how BGs are built though, nobody wants to sit at a base, nobody wants to escort the payload, nobody wants to run for flags. You can win the BG having only 1-2 people doing objectives. Can’t blame the people who can and want to PvP (fight other players) to actually look for fights, if the BG is empty, then you go to the GY :dracthyr_shrug:

There is a lot of burst right now, people die quickly, which increases the snowball effect (less players die faster), that’s why people get completely deleted and get farmed in the GY. Of course, this is frustrating for new players, but as with many other things in WoW PvP it is due to the overall design of blizzard. As it is with gear disparity, as it is with class imbalance, as it is with race/faction imbalance, as it is with skill imbalance, as it is with premades (I talk about <=5).

This game is terrible for new players, especially in PvP.

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