Sentinel Talondras

Very funny boss on tyrannical x) Well done @blizzard

Time your stuns to interrupt the stomp that lines up with the bleed application.

Get evoker to remove bleeds, also if you play m+ in pug on like 10ish and higher would suggest Fyrakk absorb trincket - saves life’s😉

Then u even didnt mentioned last boss uldaman, sentinel talondrus is a joke compared to him.

What is more dangerous on the last boss in comparison to the bleed + stomp from talondrus?

I would like to get some guidance on this how to execute.

The debuff if you don’t have classes that can remove it, especially in combination with the knockback. My evoker, for example, laughs at Talondras, but the last boss is terrifying. (My druid, on the other hand, doesn’t care about the last boss.)

Yeah but almost all classes can, and you always have 1 healer dispell available too. Bleedremoval specs are basically none, outside of dwarfs.


And I explained. I’ve died on my evoker so many times on the last boss because I can’t remove the debuff and someone else gets the dispel.

How many specs can remove the last boss slow-debuff and how many the bleed? That is basically 10 vs 1 (on a 1 minutes cooldown). This means you have to play the bleed mechanic, while you do not play the slow mechanic. Outside of an exceptional build group.

You’re missing the point. It isn’t about “how many specs”; it’s about the fact that some classes struggle more on the last boss than Talondras, while some others struggle more on Talondras.

There’s a reason why a priest was required in that dungeon in season 2, and it isn’t because of Talondras.

Yeah that was for emberon. With a ret paladin and a healer dispell the last boss has no slow debuff…

One. Literally one. And then you can even get a healer dispel.

Oh, I see. So a ret paladin is required for the last boss now. Funny how the last boss has required classes, but Talondras doesn’t.

So many options i can’t count.

I legit ask how to execute it though. I didn’t ask if i knew.

Well, I guess that makes you super awesome because you can magic away the damage on the last boss and me a terrible player because I struggle with it on my evoker when I don’t get dispelled.

Watch the DBM timer for when the bleed and stomp line up and make sure the boss is stunned just before it happens.

Like as a healer i can tiger lust myself and dispel another. Or wolf form myself and dispell another. Or there is a ret. On the last boss there are tons and tons of options. Healing 1 player through the debuff is doable too, or maybe not on the super high end.

But on +12 the bleed is doing 450k per tick and stomp is 850. 1 bleedtick and 1 stomp and someone is dead. That is for everyone except bleed removals.

Obviously when people can make it work the stomp does not go out, that would be golden :slight_smile: But we tried that since season 2, and i have no idea how to get that.

That’s great, but I haven’t found myself in any groups that seem to use them (or at least not when I’ve been on a character that needs them). I approach that boss with dread on anything that can’t remove the debuff itself.

This is what defensives are for. Sure, if your group isn’t using their defensives, you’re going to struggle, but I can even survive it on my hunter if I get all the bleeds. (Granted, my hunter is a dwarf, but that’s only one bleed dispel every 2 minutes.)

Yeah i think the problem is defensives can run out when the stomp hits. I had that yesterday in the +12 run myself where i defensived the bleed since it is almost 2 shotting me, and then the stomp killed me when my def had run out. Not that it mattered at that time anymore since we had already lost 2 dps on the same combo. I dont know what buttons they pressed, it were 3 dps pugs.

Part of the issue there is the preference for DH tanks. A DH tank can’t manage the stuns solo, so you’re dependent on the rest of the group rotating their stuns. A prot pala with the right talents (and possibly other tanks, but I don’t play enough tank classes to know) can manage the stuns solo.

OmniCD can track that for you. It’s very helpful as well to know who has defensives available and who will need extra attention from you.

I have omnicd, no worries. But as a healer i need to heal the bleed anyway, no matter the defensive tracked. it is overall good to know before something hits if someone has something available. So i can life cocoon or ward-shield them.

So you should be able to see who is using what.