Sentinel Talondras

Without playing but watching you can. But you need to spam the bleed anyway. You gameplay does not change by going checking out during burst healing moment if someone is using one or not. You want to know defensive availabilities before something big 1 shotting hits.

This is how I end up getting things like a life cocoon put on my hunter when I’ve just turtled or even dwarf dispelled.

Yeah. Next time i will think about you and check the icons for 2 seconds if someome has something immunity now pressed. And when he is dead, well then at least i checked the icons.

Be realistic. You have to decide in split seconds. This is why voice is OP in comparison to non voice.

I don’t heal, so I can’t comment on how difficult it is to keep track of stuff like that while keeping everyone alive, but I’ve played with healers who do it, so I know it isn’t impossible. All I know is, if you’re wasting CDs in high keys, you often don’t have them when you need them.

Maybe ask those healers how it is possible to split second decide not knowing what your dps is going to press. because it is impossible. You need voice for that.

Like you said yourself;

This is indeed how you get life cocooned. You press the buttons both at ~the same time.

Omnicd is for knowing someone will be in trouble beforehand when someone gets something or a big boom. But talondras is stupidly hectic with full time movement and juggling peoples health.

Maybe they assume that I’ll use a big defensive if I have it available, so they don’t press theirs. It would seem to be the reasonable thing to do in high keys where personal responsibility is crucial.

Yeah i am not good enough for higher keys. Talondras is already stupidly hard without full time paying attention to the 20 icons under the bars.

No, that isn’t what I’m saying. From what you’ve said, I suspect you baby-sit your dps rather than letting them use their defensives or die. It isn’t about being “not good enough”. It’s about being willing to let fails happen because dps aren’t doing their job rather than trying to cover for them.

I am basically on my +12 level because i try to be the best player of my groups. I have no success just let people die when they make a mistake. When i have to run 300k hps and the boss dies than i prefer that over 200k hps but i learned my group a lesson.

Healerlife is taking the slack. On every dungeon level. Nobody is perfect, including me. I am not on +20’s where you can expect perfect play.

So you don’t go higher because, even when you’re playing with good dps who DO use their defensives when needed, you waste your own and don’t have them available when dps have run out of things to use.

It isn’t your job, as healer, to carry the group.

It literally is. Otherwise nobody finishes any leveling dungeon.

Levelling dungeons don’t even need a healer.

People say that. but they do. But have you ever seen anyone pressing a defensive?

I do understand there is a keylevel where you need perfect play from everyone. But that is also voice-territoria.

I did some +8s for vault last night with members of my mythic raid team. I was tanking, and I checked the healer’s mana from time to time to see if I needed to let him drink. Approaching 3rd boss of HoI, I checked his mana bar, saw it was at 100%, laughed and said I was going to ask if he needed a mana break, but obviously not.

He said, “There isn’t any healing to do, I’m just dpsing.”

After that boss, he laughed because his mana had dropped below 95%. I know that’s a +8, not a high key, but you’re arguing that levelling dungeons need a healer when we could have done most of that +8 without one.

Great story man.
On my resto shaman i got to +8 yesterday and even i have to sit and drink here or there.

Now you’re being childish. All I did was gave an example to demonstrate how healers don’t need to carry groups.

No i think the example is childish and trying to prove some kind of point. You are so good, amazing.

I runned a +8 vault yesterday with a 465 ilvl tank. He dropped so often to 2% health and i needed to full time spam heal him. Do you think i didnt need mana?

Isn’t it great coming with exceptional examples trying to prove a point?
Childish indeed.

It’s proving a point, but I’m not sure why you think proving the point that competent dps don’t need baby-sitting is childish.

To be fair, I was also tanking on my druid, so After the Wildfire was pumping out passive healing every 10-15 seconds or so. Maybe that was enough to allow him to not heal.

We have avoidable damage in dungeons and unavoidable. When you go in a dungeon with basically the normal ilvl, or your normal level, you need a healer. Obviously when you take tons of off healing specs and are able to coordinate those off healing buttons (like ancestral guidance of shaman, or vampiric thing from priest, or retri/prot pala offhealing buttons) you need way less hps.

But actually leveling dungeons need quite some healing in general. It is just that when you start leveling your 1 available button is healing 50% of a healthbar so it is stupidly easy. It becomes quite hard on a bit higher levels when you do not yet have your cooldowns available. I have my fair share of waycrest manor wipes in leveling dungeons :joy:

Um… I think the only levelling dungeon where I’ve ever had a wipe is Motherlode and that’s because people don’t know it at all and there are some tricky parts. Most of the time in levelling dungeons, everything dies before it gets a chance to do damage. (That said, I haven’t done a levelling dungeon other than DF levelling since late SL. I have every class at max and no interest in levelling more.)