Server Populations PANIC



He just wants to be a big fish in a small pond, can’t hack it on the big boy servers so he transfers :sweat_smile:

And who cares if the server isn’t balanced, BG’s will be cross realm after all :slight_smile: Don’t leave Flamelash bros, you’re needed where you are!

I can’t work out your agenda here :smiley:
Are you are in an alliance guild that is toughing it out and refusing to become a refugee to Earthshaker? Or are you trolling hoping horde doesn’t move to the server you’re moving to… :sweat_smile:

Info that I have says Classic left Flamelash, probably for Earthshaker

I’ve been on Flamelash since day one and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let baseless propaganda and fearmongering ruin the server we’ve all grown to love. Flamelash is my server, it is your server, together we can make Flamelash great again, greater than it ever was before!

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Your guild transfered and you did MC on Earthshaker yesterday?

Sir, that is nothing more than a boldfaced lie! I don’t know who lies behind this insidious campaign against our beloved Flamelash, but they shall not win this battle!

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Caught lying by logs :slight_smile: muchsad.

Clearly this is the work of some hackergroup or other, perhaps even Anonymous.

Kinda feels good when I can say: " Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you".
But then again I feel sad for all of the people left behind on Flamelash, both horde and alliance, on a 100% dead server.
Move to Earthshaker as soon as possible, this server actually has some form of balance, just played for one day we PvP-ed up to 5 in the morning, seems like 10 times better server than Flamelash for now, sadly…

Actually the few alliance players tha stayed ate very clever. Now they can get to rank 14 pretty easy when bg’s are out. And with a little communication they can cycle the ranks between them so everyone eventually reaches 14 and get the weapons. I would definetely stay on flamelash if i was an ally. To those allies and horde that left, well i wish them good luck on their new servers not that it will get any better. The mistake was made by blizzard not players tha left. Ofc it hurts me running around seeing only horde freely farming now without any competition. But on the other side horde on flamelash will be more prepared with flasks elixirs, buffs in general, gear for the fight it will take place in the upcomming bg’s in 4 days.

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Be realistic alliance side doesn’t have a raiding guild and has what 15 lvl 60 players in total? They won’t be able to farm normal consumables enough for anything even if horde lets them, Flamelash is dead. Those few left poor allies will not stay cause of r14wpns they will just stop playing and Flamelash will die in the end as I said. Why would you stay on a dead server without a single raiding guild and no consumables available because of a promise of easy r14 wpns…


No one cares what you think TastemyLACKofskill, just bore off. Go be toxic on your new server.

we have more than 300 members in the span of 2 days and 71 one of them are level 60.


Awesome work so far Kitty, keep the banner going.

15 level 60 in this guild

Saturday, 5PM

dont spread misinformation, do i really need 10 screenshots for every page of lvl 60s in the guild?
and lvl 1 tourists arent allowed so you arent even in the guild.

why i have to be on this guild when i can just check with the /who ?

And i’m not lying, you probably have +300 ppl in your guilde, but how many are still playing on Flamelash ?