Server Populations PANIC

If you are horde and considering some panic move to Bloodfang or Earthshaker. Please do your homework and research beforehand.

If the server populations are anything to go by, Earthshaker is a heavily heavily alliance dominated PvE server and Bloodfang looks fairly dead. If you remain on Flamelash at least you will have a high horde population with which to run dungeons / raids. And a booming economy to back it up. If you move to one of these other servers just be sure you know what you’re getting into.

I know for sure that a decent horde contingent will be remaining on Flamelash. Just think before you panic!

This post is just to try and quell some of this panic and hysteria surrounding server transfers… and as someone who is remaining here - to encourage you to stay too. Unless you’re Nucleus Pro, in which case omg bloodfang is sick boyz!

imgur. com/ a/ cl3EGk0

This guy knows the score, stay on Flamelash!

Fake News. Its actually pretty good on ES.

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Of course someone who switched there yesterday will say that

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looks it man

The legacy those allies leave behind tho.

All these raids I used to see from them, once die they start immidiately fleeing, I dont know why I’m surprised they leave the server first opportunity they get. :smile:

Anyways I wish them all luck in finding the future they are looking for and feel sorry for the hordes that panic leaves overnight with regrets.

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Let me explain to you how things stand right now. Flamelash alliance population is dead and all of the best competitive guilds have left the server. This is a point of no return cause ally population will never recover from this. What this means is that any normal horde player will transfer to any other server, cause at this point Flamelash is to be considered dead. From now on Flamelash will pass trough slow process of degradation until whole horde in the end leaves the server. If you are smart you will leave Flamelash as soon as possible, btw you have less than 10h to make your choice. After the time of free transfer passes by you will be forever stuck on a slow choking and dying server. Best choice and option is Earthshaker. Btw from what I can see Flamelash is worst place to be on, literally 0 world PvP atm, high horde population and still super high Auction house prices.
Disbanding of Nucleus was just an intro into Flamelash requiem.

                                                Goodbye Flamelash nobody liked you...

Blizzard with this mistake to give allys free transfer just proved they are the biggest pussys talking how they gonna own phase 2then running as fast as possible it was fun to get some worldnpvp in EPL and Winterspring sadly you cant take a loss if you are such a pacifist dont play on pvp server or even a game that has War in its name

Thanks for the keks.

LMAO, good riddance Tastemylackofskill, as if anyone would take your advice hahahahaha.

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None of the horde who played on Flamelash knew what PVP was because they had a massive numbers advantage in every fight, so there was never any danger for you. Alliance players couldn’t fight a Horde 1v1 without six of his buddies turning up so we all just stopped wasting our time trying. I moved to a server that was actually balanced (well, slightly Horde leaning) early in P2 and had way more fun.

Any Horde who is actually interested in PVP would transfer to Earthshaker and fight on a balanced (or slightly Alliance tilting) server. But I bet most of you would rather stay on a 90% Horde server congratulating yourselves about how great you are at winning 10v1s than run the risk of facing real PVP.


Hahaha you think nucleus had a part of this wow ego

I had the opposite experience as horde are runing freely around and allies dont get out if IF without a raid so 1v1 was indeed hard to find. I didnt realize that by killing your toon im hurting your feeling and ego too

If you can evidence that Earthshaker is ‘balanced’ and ‘slightly alliance tilting’ please do. Because everything else points to the contrary.

I have just explained what will happen with Flamelash, its game over. If you stay on 80% horde server that still has high auction house prices, you made a huge mistake. If you find Flamelash to be a good server than you never played on a normal server friend. Yesterday I spend 2h to hunt for alliance just to bump into one 58 gnome mage and to see him get blown up by 3 horde PvP-ers before I even charged him. I would rather play on ally dominated server and get a chance to PvP something and die after that, than actually waste 2h only to see xxx horde players and 0 alliance. Everything that I said is a friendly advice, has nothing to do with Nucleus or other people. I will repeat if you have over 30iq you will leave Flamelash while you still can. For people that stay on a server that is doomed, and slowly dying, just remember one day in near future that you laughed at my post…

Get the WowCensus addon and check it for yourself. Create a character on both sides and run a census.

You probably won’t believe my stats but a couple of weeks back Earthshaker was 57% Horde and a bunch of ES Alliance were complaining that more Horde guilds had moved in since then. Then the big Flamelash Alliance exodus happened, plus a few Horde guilds from Flamelash too. Given the existing population ES won’t be above 55% Alliance; it’d need be a pretty insane swing to go from 57-60% Horde down to less than 45% Horde.

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Flamelash is trash server regarding player skil level and amount of PvP, from this point on things on Flamelash will not get better, they will just get worse. All of the major and normal alliance guilds left server (Big dig, Disbanded, Venture, Classic, + more than 8 of the last remaining decent alliance guilds. On horde side transfers have just started (Nightlife, Insurrection, Phoenix and many more with all of the major guilds like Dread and Seven actually considering server transfer as fast and as soon as possible, and many more to come).
Whole Flamelash just lost its competitive aspect, and if you actually transfer to any other server you will find far better situation than on Flamelash, cause things can’t get worse than they are on Flamelash atm…


This relentless Flamelash bashing really smells of concern/insecurity about your move bud :smiley:


I don’t know what blizzard was thinking allowing transfers on flamelash tbh it was a stupid move

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Lmao look at Dr. Doom here, stop exaggerating, Flamelash is fine and only a few guilds have left the server. Earthshaker and Bloodfang are dead servers, nobody plays there. After the BG’s come out everything will be even better than it was before.