Server Populations PANIC

not every 60 logs in 24/7 yes, but they do login, we have usual 40-60 online most of the time though.

“Please do your homework and research beforehand, Earthshaker is a heavily heavily alliance dominated.”
Was getting ganked by horde in Thorium, EPL and WPL for two days now, you are literally talking from your behind.

I repeat myself, dont be a dick

It aint kittys fault the left, he tries to fix it and you are being a dick to him.

kitty actually didn’t xfer, he’s a special individual you know

even if Blizzard didn’t open transfers, the realm would stagnate to death slowly anyway because a 30/70 server isn’t going to shift numbers towards Alliance ever, people generally don’t join the faction that’ll come with additional obstacles.

transfers just sped up that process.


Agreed, they’ll either tough it out on a imba realm or quit/reroll entirely.

This never would have happened if people were encouraged to play Alliance or different realms via. caps on launch.

My suggestion is not to quit, as far as i am aware horde are to leave alliance alone in WPVP unless they attack first. This suits my guild and tbh we are more looking forward to BGs and as normal raiding. I do hope for all our sakes that Blizz works on a solution for our realm.

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