Setting our Sights on 2022 for the 15th Anniversary of WoW Esports!

before u attempt to make any esport at all, Learn about balance and fairness. only blind ppl are into your so called esports.


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Oh here we are again :smiley:
E-SPORT and blizzard in one sentence that’s not gonna be something interesting for sure.


I upvote you for that. Thanks.
The truth is hard.

Guess they will silence this topic soon and repost it somewhere else. They already did this last time

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if you want E sports to be any popular then you will start to do some tuning all a cross the board. Burst is insane, you nerfed healers to the ground in pvp on this expansion. I mean i get it, fast and easy games but when you die in 0-3-0,5 sec windows average, then i can convince you: This is madness and it has nothing to do with skill. Dying through your defensives from 100% to 0 in 0.3 secs. You need to tune classes.


Last time when i heard blizzard and e-sport they released a TOYs i bought them
and then i found out that blizzard took money and didn’t give players share from toys or something like that :smiley:


Nobody cares.

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No one cares

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WOW eSports KEKW


esports would be fun if you gave RANDOM affixes to the players each time…(in m+) or add weird effects like ‘‘healer is 50% slowed during the run’’ or arena patch or whatever. atm is just meta metas fighting each other who memorized their clicks better

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LMAO, that thread is full of great gifs! :joy:

Any announcement for the players who want a fun game to play? A game they used to be able to enjoy in the evenings? who doesn’t want to treat it as a full time job?

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I think the oceans are now made of fresh water because people on there forums have taken all the salt from them

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Playing a computer game should never be called a “sport”.


Forum constantly moans blues never post, when blues do post this happens :rofl:

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That is bot, not mod :stuck_out_tongue:

time to add new rbgs maps?and make a rotation of maps for each month or season ?

Competive world of warcraft? Are you guys joking or is this a real deal?

If Blizzard actually wants to commit to promoting esports and tournaments for WoW, the very first thing they should do is offer a spectating experience that is not super miserable.

I don’t know about other posters, but I am very unexcited about the spectator experience: entire matches in external viewpoint or some strange unlocked 3rd person feels very bad as you can’t really see all the details of what the players are doing.

They should implement a more faithful “in-eye” or “POV” view camera mode, that would be similar to watching a player’s stream. For me, watching the top players stream is super interesting when you can see every single detail of their game
and appreciate everything they’re doing.

If that’s too much work to implement, they could just require the competitors to (privately) stream their gameplay and gave the tournament observer switch around player streams to display.

Note: all of my comments are regarding the Arenas, I haven’t seen a MDI yet so that’s very likely an entire different experience so I am of course not speaking for it

Note2: to showcase my point, you can watch a match from the official AWC stream and then watch one player that happened to record his point of view and uploaded it to their youtube afterwards. The latter is way, way more exciting for me. Especially if the comms are also in there.