SF without fresh server

ill be honest,not releasing at least 1 server for sf is trolling,you see lvl 60’s buffing and killing mobs for lvl1. whoever thought it is fine to release it as it is,made it irrelevant from the start.the interest is so low already,not caring about it makes it more of a joke.


I swear to god, I wanted it to be so good and hyped and I convinced myself that even if it wasn’t a new fresh server would be fine but it ain’t. Level 60’s killing mobs and completing quests for level 1 on top of buffing them like crazy made it just pointless.

The hype Hardcore had when it was fresh will never be the same. Why didn’t they make one server, like ONE?? That’s so sad and a waste of potential.


You can opt out of SF at any time. So if it was fresh server it will become like the others in few weeks time.

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I wanted to give a shot to SF, but they never going to do something properly, i said goodbye yesterday, was amazing all this time with classic>tbc>lk, but we all know cata will be a big sh*** and SoD is not for me with 30000 bots running around.

Then … this SF happens, is absoluty disgusting all of this.


I totally agree buffing and killing mobs for low levels dosent make any sense…
I was in westfall at night lvl 60 was farming harvesters for 11 lvl paladin. I just HS and log out.


SSF dead on arrival

I saw players with SF buff and Onyxia- Zandalar buffs wtf mate…

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I feel your pain, I would have preferred a new server. However, I’m having a blast on my new SF rogue now level 18 and I haven’t seen many boosters. Boosters, Taggers, or whatever exploit they are running that is totally against the spirit of SF hardcore. They are the ones missing out, pity the fools.

The prize is the struggle, the hardships and sacrifices, the heart stopping moments.
The effect on your game is minimal, get out there and have fun!


Except it’s not SSF but SF.

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Maybe yes maybe not

For sure might be good

for a game mode that is created for pure solo play you seem to care an awfull lot about how other players enjoy the game…


now the server .have more life.Sounds good .

I start lose my hope on fresh server already and this SF hype not gonna last long I say max 2 months

This what people said of HC servers too :wink: And Era.
Long may they live!

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I just started SF. A blue 6slot Bag dropped in the starting area. The feeling was better than a purple drop from BWL! :slight_smile:

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why would you care if some people are not being true to the SF challenge?
yeah it sucks to see but it really doesnt effect others actually giving it a good shot at all

no fresh servers probably cause blizz isnt expecting lots of people to take part of it or to die out fast

There is probably no one that cares about the future of this company in order to provide qulity services anymore. It all depends on what Microsoft will decide, now that there is only a skeleton emergency crew holding things together at Blizzard.
If those 1900 people that got fired will actually be replaced with competent, professional, mentally healthy staff (non wo, dedicated to improving and continuing the legacy of this company, then it will have a chance to continue.
If not, enjoy the ruins while they’re still here, with people with whom you can share a beautiful experience in the game.

You are absolutely right.
But then at least we would have had a few weeks of gaming insted of nothing at all as it was with this failed SF launch.

A few days.