Shadow priest or Destro Warlock as PvP main?

Hello Guys,

I want to main my Shadow priest or my Destro Warlock

Is Shadow priest / Destro Warlock good for Duels, Open World pvp , RBGs and Arena ?
Or would you say Shadow priest / Destro warlock is a bad Option as pvp main Char ?

I only like from both classes the Speccs Shadow priest and Destro Warlock the other speccs i dont like and i wont Play them …

What would be the Better main for me ?

Thank you Guys :heart:

Historically, shadow priest is the more consistent spec for all of the contents you’ve listed. SP often has a decent comp pool for arena, always great rot pressure for RBG and a decent kit for solo content.

Destruction has some great points as well, but generally only prefered or meta when it’s overtuned on Chaos Bolt to the point it can 2-3 shot you, and it has tools to cast them easily.


Honestly shadow will be completely bonkers good in DF and very fun playstyle now in DF, so go for that.

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Do you have the max level gear and tuning numbers already? Please share.

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Wow Thats Sounds Good ! Good to know ! So Shadow priest is good for pvp main ? I am afraid to pick shadow priest as main because he has 2 heal speccs which i wont play …
But the same is with Warlock i would only Play Destro lock !

Thanks mate that Are Good news for me sounds Good too !!:heart::bangbang:

Unlike the past 3 expansions, DF is shaping up to be alt friendly so why not both?

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You really don’t want to play destro for the remainder of SL.

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Hey i think if i want to learn pvp Good like 2000cr i have to play just one class and shouldnt switch all the Time between 2 classes …
Iam not sure at all :joy:

people said that about SL as well

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And it was true to a certain extend from season 2 onwards (ofc it’s not if you compare it to WoD but it was compared to BfA)

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Eventually yes you should do that, but playing every class yourself allows you to have a better understanding of their toolkit and makes you better at anticipating setups.

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I’d not recommend that except if you play 8h per day there is no way you can master a spec.

Normally most of multi classer play the same kind of spec/comp with similar gameplay.

Playing against good player is enough to know how x spec work and play around.

Is there any other way to play this game?

Thats Bad ! I would say i Play every day 3 Hours … Hmm i thought if i would Just Play 1 class i could be Good in pvp :joy::smiling_face_with_tear:

3 hours a day is a crazy high amount of game time you can play more than one class (although it’s good to stick to one class first to get good rating, hence good mates and only after that play alt classes with the same friends)

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You certainly can, there are many good players who don’t like to play other classes and just play one

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Thats right Student and Gym lifestyle :joy: but on the Weekend i cant play Just from monday-Friday every day like 3 Hours :v:t3:

So you Guys would say Go with Shadow priest and Not with Destro lock as main right ?

That will probably sound like the advice you don’t need but I’ll still give it : try both and choose the playstyle you enjoy the most, because otherwise you’ll spend all your time rerolling and you’ll never achieve anything (note that you don’t have to achieve anything to have fun, but if your definition of fun is to get better and climb rating then my advice holds).
Otherwise, if you ask me Sp is more fun : I used to love affliction but since malefic rapture is in the game I basically hate it, destruction can be good but at low rating it’s very frustrating because your team mates don’t assist you as much and you NEED that support to be able to perform well as destro (unless it’s omega busted but you shouldn’t bet on that to choose a spec), and I like demonology but its performances have been really volatile. Sp is fun, usually solid and you have access to different depths of gameplay, you’ll just be a random dps at first then you’ll start learning about all the utility you can provide and it’s very satisfying as you can make plays that are really rewarding (pre-mass dispel a trap or a cc, shadow word death a cc while as old as the game still give you that little bit of joy as when you first learned of that trick …)
But once again all this is just my opinion and you shouldn’t care too much, you can level both in a matter of days considering your game time and then just pick what you feel more enjoyable.

Go for shadow.

Lock was historicaly way better way often but not destro. Lock as a class. Shadow is way more fun to play and have more tools. Destro is good only when you have so much haste that it becomes broken - so usualy at the end of expansion.

Both specs are frustrating to play due to zero mobility and everyone having billion intterupts and pseudointerrupts - which will be exponentialy worse in DF since every healer gets kick and many ccs.

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I meant it’s better Imo to play 1 or 2 char and master them instead of playing a lot of spec especially if you don’t have that much time to play.

Sure you can be very good by playing only 1 char and still learn other classes abilities and mechanic.

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