Shadow Priest too much casting

I can’t be the only person who thinks the amount of casting a shadow priest has to do is too much.

I understand that Blizz want casters to actually have to cast and rightly so, but something doesn’t feel right.

From the top, you’ve got Vampiric Touch which applies SW: Pain if talented which you have to be.

Then you’ve got your other rotational spells, Mind Blast, Mind Spike, and/or Mind Flay which serve as insanity builders. Of course Mind Blast has a small chance to become instant if talented but seems to happen once in a blue moon.

Then you’ve got your damage CD’s which also have to be casted, namely, Dark Ascension (DA) or Void Eruption (VE). The only other ability i can think of that works like this is Stormkeeper but there are likely others i’ve missed.

Then you have your harder hitting talents such as Mindgames and Void Torrent again both casted.

Specifically from a PVP standpoint, a priest can get shut down when applying dots, when building insanity, when popping DA or VE, when casting Mindgames or Void Torrent, and when healing.

I understand that there are players who do well with it, but the effort required compared with most other classes is obscene.

I love playing my priest, I like being tough to kill and dishing out great damage but the constant interupts are a killer. Granted i’m no R1 player but if you have to be able to fake cast/bait kicks, have perfect positioning/timing and rotation, and sweat profusely to achieve a modicum of success then something is wrong, moreso considering some classes can smash their face into the keyboard and achieve the same.


Its a melee expack blizzard hardcord buff melee meanwhile shadow is a punching bag, with CDS that is hard cast.

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Instead of Removing Pi :slight_smile: Lets undertone it some more :open_mouth:

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Also Demonic Tyrant for Demo.

The latter is a channel but yeah, I’d rather have this ability as a rarely castable big dot. There’s waaaaaay too much casting being done as is. And when am I supposed to use all of these when I have to dodge swirlies every 2 seconds?

Funnily enough… yes :') save for my main, every other toon I have is a melee and/or a tank. They are miles better to play in DF, both for survivability and damage. Even the button bloat seems to be lower for them, especially warriors and DHs.


well people wanted a turret crap fiesta.

I don’t get why they even gave VF and DA a cast time to being with its sad.

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redesign the class

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I’ve said this for weeks now. It’s a melee xpac. The affixes dungeon design, class design, tanking style variables, etc. Hard casters are screwed unless it’s a near perfect scenario, while melee can run around following a kiting tank, press 4 buttons on the run. and pull over 100k outside of their cd windows.

Blizz: Shadow priests are part of a god comp. (We don’t really understand it’s about the utility, like PI and MD). Let’s nerf spriest damage while buffing blood dk tanks until they pull more dps overall in a m+. That’ll be great for player morale.



Thanks for the laugh, its a melee expac :rofl:

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Let me guess, you looked at m+ rankings or dps.

My Enhancement Shaman is ez-mode on m+, my pally and dk guildies cruise along as well. At best I’m slightly about average on my Enh.

Before I say what’s next, consider al the possible variables. Group comp/utility, skill, effort, specific dungeon, affix, key levels, pug vs on disc coordinated guild runs, and so on.

(running 16’s, unpredictable pugs in party, dk or pally dps usually in party, etc)

My demo lock, I have to bust my butt, especially in some high movement/mechanic/affix runs… due to the rotation limitations, quickly expiring imps, hard cast, ramp up, and very movement unfriendly depending on were you are at in opener/cd/maintenance rotation.

My shadow priest is much, much more movement friendly as far as rotation goes, although a lost or ruined cd bursts can add up.

I’ve tanked many a 15-16 and am familiar with the basic pulls routes, and affixes. I’ve seen some pug tanks with very unpredictable pulls and movement, unnecessary los, etc cause a lot of shadow crash partial misses, wasted cd’s due to unnecessary los or otherwise inefficient pulls.

My melee dps is decidedly better at handling the variables than either my lock, or spriest.

Crash Lightning, frontal, no targeting required, no delay to reach target, not statically locked to a specific patch of ground.

I was actually going to list them out, but suffice it to say, tank moves erratically, moves around a corner, mobs turns and prepares to use a frontal aoe\w/cleave…

I follow the tank mobs, sidestep, or do whatever without missing a beat.

It’s always been that way. Usually the pros and cons between ranged and aoe work themselves out on averages across the many different dungeons and raid bosses. It’ll never be a perfect 50/50 but close enough.

This xpac the dmg difference/effort in m+ is extremely skewed. The aforementioned variables, and others, have an significantly higher impact to caster dps than melee… in the average pug.

Those runs can not be compared to god comp, disc coordinated, 22-24 keys where everyone knows how the pull is going to play out, when lust, pi, personal cd/cc, etc are going to be used and so on.

Imo, that in itself is a huge part of the problem. Blizz is basing it’s nerfs on a certain comp/utility/coordination/key range. Some of these discussions revolve around a similar assumption of comp, etc.

That’s just wrong. I’ve been that 24 key runner, I’m not hating, but lets face it, the right questions for “all” of the m+ community are not being asked.

Are the pieces that are broken dps specific, comp specific, utility specific, other, or a combo of any of the above?

What percentage of key runners are not running coordinated exodia comp 24 keys and instead they are in variable comp pug keys, no-disc chat, variable tank routing and methods, 16 keys, or 11’s, or 6’s?

How are the changes affecting “those” players. That majority of the players outside of the 5, 10, 15% playing the 22-24 keys, on disc, with the broken comps.

TLDR; Blizz won’t find the right answers until they ask the right questions.


Blizzard shouldn’t tune specs around people playing them sub optimally.

Tell that to people that want to enjoy something but its to much casting even BS* cds cast timers. and useless ending talents which is redundant

Blizzard likes turrets without blinks. xD

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feels like your playing farmvile just put pi and step afk since you can’t deal damage.

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Try to manage all dots aff have on more than 5 targets or not to be starved for resources …Then SP will feel walk in the park…You just want easy mode 1 button with no cast time to apply and spread dots on 100yard away…Blizz will never do this…

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While i can agree. Shadow priest regarding nerfs are being handles badly. Spriest dps is no where near this low lol.

says you who guardian does 500k aoe with 1 button trash. :stuck_out_tongue:

same with all your dots spreading just targeting 1 add.

says you whose tank specc spreads rend with 1 button thunderclap and aoe is 1 button.

shadow is still in beta remove shadow crash pi and make mind blast spread VT and remove mass dispell from shadow.

Idk I thought I’d check if I’m just doing keys too high to see the problem but even in 16-17s I’m doing competing / easily topping.

I am balance but ok lol.

I havent seen any guardians doing 500k with 1 button however lol.

These are tank speccs lmao? By nature due to their more complex role its likely theyre tools will be easier lol otherwise the speccs would be too overwhelming.

Lol how?

Boomkin has to apply DoTs with no spread.
Affliction has to apply DoTs without spread.

How can u say “shadows beta” when every DoT based caster does the same mechanics?

Shadow crash is fine, just because theres possibility to fail the rotation, doesnt mean shadows in beta ot has issues lmao.

Its been fairly normal, moonfire, and stellar flare both demand applying multiple times across a pack, with sunfire being rhe only ApE DoT we have that can be applied to multiple targets.

Thats the objective gameplay.

Multi DoTTing. When u apply DoTs multiple times.

Im unsure to exactly why you think anytging that isnt easy to do is in beta lol, really doesnt make alot of sense.


vampiric touch ,sw:p , mind spike procs , voidform,dark ascension must be instant cast

even i prefer void torrent as instant more damage with cast time instead of channel

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