Shadow spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Für diese Spezialisierung wünsche ich mir in Saison 4 die (aktualisierten) Boni aus:

Para esta especialización y en la temporada 4, me gustarían los bonus (actualizados) de:

Pour cette spécialisation, dans la saison 4, je préfère les bonus (actualisés) issus de :

Per questa specializzazione, nella Stagione 4, vorrei i bonus (aggiornati) della:

  • Season 1 / Saison 1 / Temporada 1 / La saison 1 /Stagione 1
  • Season 2 / Saison 2 / Temporada 2 / La saison 2 /Stagione 2
  • Season 3 / Saison 3 / Temporada 3 / La saison 3 /Stagione 3
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-Season 1:
(2)Mindblast increase damage of Devouring Plague by 12% stacks 3x ;
(4)And Devour Plague increase your haste by 4°% for 8 sec

-Season 2
(2) Set Bonus: Increases the chance for Shadowy Insight to trigger by 25%. When consuming Shadowy Insight, Mind Blast deals 30% increased damage and generates 4 additional Insanity.
(4) Set Bonus: Devouring Plague damage increased by 15%. Every 4 casts of Devouring Plague increases the damage of Shadowy Apparitions conjured within the next 10 sec by 80%.

-Season 3:
(2)Shadow word Death trigger 2x at 15% off its effect and 1x in execute range ;
(4)And taking damage from Shadow word death increase the damage from shadow word pain by x %


With crossed fingers and a touch of fairy dust, I eagerly await the blessed acquisition of my coveted set bonus.

We need to get S2 ALONG WITH complete reverts of the nerfs they’ve done, Shadow, fire, Hpala and guardian all paid for the sins of evoker…


or go to 7.0 shadow, i want to surrender myself to the madness once more


i wish there would be a separate vote for pve and pvp because now as a pvp player i have to live with the choice of pve players since they are in the majority but the best set bonus just differs in pve and pvp for many specs


S2 is way more fun honestly


I want s1 s priest back but better, not the tier, the whole spec. The rework was literally a downgrade for gameplay.

As for the tier, s2 is probably the best one.

I would like s3 more if the proc only worked with deathspeaker or sub 20%, but did significantly more damage, and generated way more insanity. Instead it’s on every shadow word death, and it just clutters the rotations.


The play is to vote for s2 so they will realize how horrible the spec is to play now, maybe this time they will finaly learn their lesson. But again unlikely, we will just have another shadow dev change for the 10th time in War Within alpha like always, into yet another rework next expansion that will have lots of potential early on but eventually be forgotten and tossed in the bin.

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Only viable option realy is s3 due to constant reworks and nerfs. Then again…we played that set for x months so it will be dumb to olay it for another season…
Shadow is doomed here.

Nobody payed like shadow did… And fire is still meta like it always was almost every single season since m+ was addes.

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or they will let the spec be garbage which is far more likely.

i do like the effect of swd in s3 although the set bonus itself isnt the greatest

sp actually tuning and third rework can’t run shadowy set season 2, bcs we have diff talents setup. So s3 it’s better. I dont think blizzard ll fix talents again for tier set in fated season.

going back to having no aoe outside void bolt void torrent and force bolt.

Fun game at this point just make shadow in to a forth specc once that want to have that crap and once that want to play dark ascension.

Like feral and guardian druid. Make Shadow and Void split them apart.

In low keys we will have no dps on big packs since they die to fast.

They need to give back mind sear and make it a big cast like an explosion with searing stuff.

At this point even searing nightmare would be nice to get back

next season gonna stink no aoe in low keys.

blizzard need to go away from void form its like no dps on ST fights or on demand.

I think this is good proof that the degenerate rotation messing left side capstones needs a rework. The Bender talents was already highly hated in in SL when it was a legendary, so making it a talent was a bad choice

I think the season 3 tier is actually fun to play with, but I’m going to go with season 2 for the extra damage.

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