Shadowlands: A Look at Covenant Class and Signature Abilities *Updated 5/13

In Shadowlands, players will ally with one of four Covenants, each granting unique powers, abilities, and other benefits to aid them on their dangerous journey through the realms of death.



On fire today with the updates!


I must say the Kyrian signature ability seems very underpowered and not at all as useful as the other three.

Would like to see that change if that is the case

Anyway the abilities seem nice, however do make sure to tune these so its not like for example “Overwhelming Power” and “Azerite Globules” and have them more in line.

There is no point for these cool abilities if the power disparity are inanely large.

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The sad part is that there is no real choice, you need to pick the one which will have the best ability for either PvP or PvE.

I dunno what are the plans for Covenants and maybe it is already like that but my suggestion would be to separate those abilities from the Covenants or at least let us complete all Covenant and then be able to pick whichever ability whenever we want without jumping between Covenants. Something like unlocking new talents.

PS There is a high chance that there will be a situation where one ability will be so much better than the others that everyone will wanna have it and then it gets nerfed so much so that another ability will now be better and you will want to change Covenant because of it. It will be a terrible situation. I know that because something similar happened to me in Legion with leveling Artifact Weapons.


Nah you dont.

Unless you are really high cutting edge, where even 1% matters then sure you have to.

But if you do the casual lvl, like the majority of the players, you should pick what you want.

Atleast im gonna do that. For myself, i got tired that xyz website gonna tell me what is bis for me or not.

People played before these things, and probably able to do so in the future.


Here is my opinion about Hunter convenant ability:

Just for Hunter Venthyr :

You can fix the change by :

or you have to make a new ability that fit PvP Situation without RNG.

You can’t trust RNG in PvP.
For me “you have a chance” mean : this spell is underpowered until the chance happen, and that chance will never happen"

But please RNG is not fun as hunter. And it never been fun !
So big NO for RNG “you have a chance” for Venthyr hunter convenant spell

Well yeah you do since one thing will always have an advantage over the other anyone that hops into arena or m+ looks up a guide prior and will just pick the one suiting what they do not what they want necessarily


Also will depend on how hard theyre to get /unlock
and how easy swapping will be after they do some big balance change like 3months into expac (you dont want it to end up like ealry legion where bad legendary mean where better of lvlling a new toon, but now for covenant-
or want people to have to have 4 of class they play 1 for each continent casue its easier then regrinding what porgress they had but with different covenant.

And aslo how needed some abilties are for current dungeons/raids and if its something you class otherwise lacks as a effect but its crucical to be able to do current dungeons/raid at even decent level.

Is alot that could still ruin covenants


Shamans feels very underwhelming if you compere to any other class out there. :confused:

Vesper Totem works similar to Ancestral guidance that have damage part added.

Chain Harvest is a chain heal that also does damage to the enemy around you.

Edit: The overall systems sounds really cool and I like the Class ability being added, some of them do feels like they needs more brain storming on.


This seems like impossible to balance in order to have people actually pick on their own but no one’s stopping me from getting an extra limb as a death knight


Some seem pretty interesting, some… lack pezzaz.

Looking forward to Night Fae for Warrior.

or have the crazy skills/effects not be active in instanced content but just in world.
So its actulyl what you prefer and not I like covenant A much more then covenant B , but B has the skill/effect i need if i wanna do the current raid before next one comes out. Or if i dont take Covenant C my class/spec cant do aoe at all and i thus arent usefull for M+ .

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Yeah i give you that, totem seems rly week and not fun at all. The anima wave sounds cool btw. And im really interested in the other 2.

I hope we get some meaty on the other two ability, but with Shaman track record at the moment I’m hesitant to hope for shamans to get some cool.

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Seems to be you will have new Glory resource

P.S. after reading new abilities I have a nice tickling inside :sunglasses::smirk:

Conqueror’s Banner for warrior seems to be great for raiding but Condemn also seems very interesting. :thinking:

Not getting at all excited about some new resource really :weary: nor did that banner seem particularly interesting to me. More of a hassle really.

The Hunt for Demon Hunter on the other hand, now that’s cool. As is growing a new limb for DKs :+1:

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Broken, ignores los, tps to target.
Certain rogue spec might be angErlY

The RP value of planting Conqueror banner should make the choice a no brainier