Shadowlands: Castle Nathria and Season 1 Goes Live December 9

Shadowlands: Castle Nathria and Season 1 Goes Live December 9

In just a few weeks after the release of Shadowlands, Season 1 will begin and the gates of Castle Nathria will open as the expansion’s first raid experience.

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Bad decision. Early 2021 would have been more reasonable.

Remember last year?


many people have stated on facebook and probably on here that this is a bad decision all in all… the expansion is being delayed for a month and the launch might be bad due to server queues, fixing problems, adjustments and in all honesty, even stuff on prepatch servers like exiles reach seems somewhat sketchy and needs sprucing up.

The 2021 release date which everyone is stating seems more reasonable and gives people to be raid ready. I really dont understand this move at all.


I defended the postpone of pre-patch and Shadowlands itself, but now it’s too much.
You can’t see the dire impact this would have.
70% of the playerbase is already enraged by the delay.

i defended it aswell based on what was said as im waiting. I think raiding before holiday season is a bad idea though, straight out. It makes sense to let people get used to the systems and give them chance to have gear, alts, etc ready

3+ months more? Hah, right. Yeah, you’re right, you don’t understand this move at all. I had friends come back when they thought the game would release, to get familiarized with how the classes feel in the pre-patch but then they delayed it. Now those friends are pretty pissed because they feel they “wasted” their sub and money. They’re probably not alone in this.

so you raid a little later or when it suits you? whats the big deal

people acting like they HAVE to raid the second its available

tbh its not like the world first raid should be relevant in their decision when to release anything


Are you insane? Guilds will all have to take a break over the Holidays, severely setting you back and gimping your progress. The raid should not come out until AFTER Christmas.


Oh the humanity


I mean, that’s pretty much what raiding for world ranks is about.

To clear the content as quickly as possible, thus you have to raid when it gets released.

Sure, if the raid is Emerald Nightmare levels of pathetic, it won’t be an issue, because 1000 guilds will have cleared it on mythic by the time christmas comes around, but 2 weeks before christmas? We’re talking about Famed Slayer titles that get screwed over because most people take breaks for the holidays. We’re talking about one week of Mythic raiding before christmas comes. If the raid isn’t a complete joke, chances are that even the world first guilds haven’t cleared mythic by the time christmas comes.

It just makes the entire Hall of Fame a joke, because let’s be honest here, taking a two week break throughout christmas and new year or not will make the difference between a world 300 guild and a famed slayer guild.

Basically releasing straight up before christmas is an incredibly thoughtless decision. It’s similar to the decision where they stated Shadowlands would release at the 27th of October.

But hey, it’s not surprising that there’s a lot of bad decisions involved. Usually those decisions get talked over, before the get their official announcements, though.

So what’s up guys in blue? Have you not talked to each other and this is yet another rogue blue post, similar to the “27th is the release date, we’re confident we can make it!”?

What do you mean that wasn’t a rogue post?

The only way this could be worse is saying that there will be no raid dungeons in 9.0.

It’s been a few hours since the announcement and I am still in complete disbelief. The “imagine if they’d actually release the raid just before christmas” meme actually happened - or is April here already?

Does a single person that is part of making these decisions have any insight into the game?

This is an awful idea release raiding after the holidays. We don’t mind waiting also gives more time for tuning if needed. Please listen to your community and please remember what was said before about releasing content before from Ion around holiday seasons.

They are listening the community. I’m pretty sure the vast majority wants to play it sooner than later. They don’t and should not schedule the game around the 1%.

Ion this time has gone back on his words and disagrees with you.

Which holidays?

Oh no, how will you ever recover? When I read stuff like that, I have to think of the southpark episode.


Something about some Middle Eastern virgin giving birth to a Jew.

This, I personally dont understand the issue. They release the raid it’ll still be there when all those who are into raiding have dealt with real life stuff.

P.S if ppl are that bothered about having to choose between real life and a stupid wf title then they have issue’s. Next raids will still be there and you’ll be able to go for WF in those.

I’m sure all the Blizzard staff are going to be thrilled to be dealing with all the bugs that inevitably crop up during progression raiding so close (and perhaps over) the holidays. Especially after the poor sods have probably been on the receiving end of a big whip already to get the expansion out the door this year.

inb4 the Negative responses Gets SL Delayed again XD