Shadowlands Class Updates

As Azeroth’s champions prepare to traverse into the Shadowlands, they will gain powers both new and forgotten to take on horrors that reside in the realms of death.




Heavy nerfs coming to DH right?


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Back when the first round of WoD pruning was announced I was positive, but it went way overboard and it took aim at core spells while leaving later additions in.

Biggest crime was that the forms and hybridity of druids were butchered while advanced spells and spec specific utility were left in. Looking at Solar beam, Vortex and Skull bash.

I would have liked to see the end of the affinity choice, so I would have full access to the forms and abilities. Trading away some of the, above mentioned, CC utility.

This sure is a step in the right direction, I might even play my warrior again now that Intervene and spell reflect is back.

I am now on the Shadowlands hype train.


Prot Paladin:
I really don’t like holy power coming back, I didn’t like it on it’s introduction and I was glad to see it gone
Aura’s returning sound good, I like how you’re trying to carry over the vision of perfection into SLands for us, the concentration aura will be really interesting for PvP as well
Bit of a shame that Seraphim is still a talent, but I guess considering with how strong it is I can live with that.
I can’t speak for the other specs but Prot Paladin’s main draw to me is that I don’t have to worry about some weird rogue clone combo point system

Frost DK:
2H-ers returning is great, this is great
Death and Decay returning is ok I guess? Depends on wether it’ll be worth casting one death and decay over one howling blast
Return of defensive cooldowns, also great
Would have liked to have seen a decrease on relevance of breath of sindragosa, it still after an entire expansion feels really awkward in it’s use to me

Again more defensive CD’s, always great
The balance mechanical changes I really can’t judge, I’m not familiar with wrath boomkin but it sounds interesting

Holy power really really hurts and I really hope this will be reconsidered
Mostly because my main is a prot paladin


Please, for the love of god, remove the stupid charges and lower the cast time of aimed shot.


Is 2h enh shaman back then ?

Then the rest of us can enjoy WPVP too.

Don’t believe so, no.

I like that Monk’s will have a unique effect on each spec for killing with Touch of Death. Removing it as a DPS CD and rewarding creative play (eg; killing an add in a boss fight to spawn lots of healing orbs) seems interesting. I’m also big on each spec being able to summon a celestial as their major cooldown.

Some more thoughts on MW; I really hope this isn’t a return to the era of healing spheres. They went away for a very good reason, much like Lightwell did, and it would be regressive to go back to that mechanic.

Personally I would have liked to see a return of Fistweaving in a stronger capacity - Rising Mist builds with Spirit of the Crane are a lot of fun for me in group content and I really enjoy the trade-off of increased effort rewarding more DPS over a Focused Thunder build.

I’m super hyped for the updated Holy Paladin, but I dont know if Holy Power was neccesary for Prot paladins. Feels like it will either make the spec super overpowered, or super weak, and also, it was a great escape for those who don’t like the combo point system.

Edit: As for Retribution, when will you make it cataclysm like again? Where even your builders were strong, and divine purpose was a beast? Right now during downtime, retribution just feels like a wet sock at times. Press 6k crusader strike fun :slight_smile:


With the return of weapon options for monks and Death Knights can I say…

SMF for fury warriors again


“As Azeroth’s champions prepare to traverse into the Shadowlands…”

I have a feeling I am not one of those champions


Remove mastery : Deep Wounds please.

1 expansion of being a rogue lite is enough.

Okay, so DKs got their weapon choice back.
Monks also got their weapon choice back.
Now it’s a good time to give SV hunters the same. Just look at Rexxar, who is basically a Survival in Hunter’s Class Hall. He’s a dual-wielder.

Hunters are mechanically able to dual-wield since Vanilla. Like, come on.


I hope so :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the stuff they announced is actually cool. Looking forward.

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There’s a significant difference between monks being able to DW/2H and DKs doing the same and DW survival and 2H enh.

Mechanically enh could 2H and surv can DW but since TBC (or legion for survival) those specs have never been built to work with those setups, whereas monks and DKs were.

So monks and DK are getting something back, enhs and survivals are technically asking for something new to be made viable. Huge difference.

Druids can wield one handed agi maces and daggers, that doesn’t mean feral and guardian necessarily need to be viable with such setups.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a dual wield viability on survival, but it’s not the same, it would require big changes. Monk and DK is revisiting some old balancing they’ve used before.

2H Frost is back baby.


How is destro warlock getting nothing? By far the most boring spec in the game for the past 2 expansion and not a single change? It’s not april fools anymore.


I hhhhhhaaaaaaateee the return of Holy Power for protection paladins.

I used to play protection paladin a ton during WotLK, it was my second favorite class after my frost mage. I basically dropped the class after Holy Power was introduced and only got back into it when it was removed again.

It just felt clunky all the time to have to constantly look out for this extra resource when I wanted to concentrate on moving the boss correctly and checking my health, the one from my teammates and so on. Tanking is complicated enough without adding extra complexity for the sake of it.

And the developers apparently agreed, since they took this ball and chain around our legs away for two expansions, so I don’t know what rode them to bring it back now! The quote “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” comes to mind.

Due to a full time job, I don’t have the time nowadays which I had back then when I was a college student, so I can play one class. I had really hoped that it would be the protection paladin this expansion, because it sounded like a good idea to get back into tanking and taking the class solo into Thorgast. Now this will probably not happen, because Holy Power was a terrible idea back when it was foisted on protection paladins back then and I don’t see it now having any chance of being less annoying and fun cancelling.

It was nice to have at least one tanking spec back where you had a smooth playstyle, could do a decent job wihtout always looking if your special resource was charged enough and felt like you always had a tool to control the situation, so the devs returning the class to this clunky and un-fun playstyle feels bad. I hope this isn’t a “Cataclysm 2.0” scenario, where the devs are mentally disconnected from a huge chunk of their player base and think that bringing back unnecessary complexity will somehow increase their suscriber count. Holy power sure didn’t make the class more fun back then and it is almost impossible to see how it would do so on its re-introduction. I hope this isn’t a nostalgia goggles situation from a class lead developer who happened to be one of the few people who liked Holy Power, either.

So, a big thumbs down on this change and I hope feedback to the devs is taken seriously this time and not just chucked in the bin. Please revert this design choice, it is a terrible idea.