Shadowlands Content Update Notes

Shadowlands Content Update Notes

Shadowlands is live!

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I sure hope the zombie plague is worth it. !


Here we go again.

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Funny how you forgot to mention removing Heart of the Crusader and Retribution from being passives… they’re not the same as the auras you’re turning them into.


13 years in the game and I’m still not good enough to be a guide - sad times :cry:


And no mention of BfA becoming free.

Pretty sure that has always been the case. You have to buy the newest expansion and the older ones in this case BFA becomes included in the sub.

I think the first time it happened was MoP, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Except for the last couple which became free without the need to by the latest.

No more 100% MoP reputation? That’s :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Guess I should’ve gotten the missing Shado-Pan hats months ago. Oh well, procrastination is always a bad idea, I have to learn that lesson eventually.



“With the release of the Shadowlands pre-expansion patch, Battle for Azeroth will be included with your World of Warcraft subscription—no additional purchase required.”


Nvm I can’t read.

You mighty orc warrior. No need read. Crush enemy.


Can we finally, after 10 years…, move the following faction reputations to inactive???

  • Alliance Vanguard
  • The Tillers
  • The Anglers

and all their Horde equivalents. Literally unplayable!!!


Actually… it says exactly BfA becomes part of your sub aka “free”

Gonna try and post again and see if it says I can’t post.

Yeah, I got it wrong I was writing something different and changed my mind halfway through, which is why it’s wrong.

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i guess that is it then… another expansion with terrible class design… Worse than BFA even.


Bring on the shattering throw!

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I don’t see the point of having Howling Blast do reduced damage to secondary targets. It hits like wet noodle.

The rest of the notes seem okay. Give 2h frost!

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Sad times for the stag form.
On a related note, who asked for this and how can i reach them so that I may (not) slap them with sealform flippers?

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  • Unlocking Allied Races no longer requires reaching Exalted reputation with that race’s associated faction.

This is not very clear. Does it mean it still requires revered or no reputation at all?