Shadowlands: Go on an Odyssey with the Music of the Chains of Domination

Shadowlands: Go on an Odyssey with the Music of the Chains of Domination

Whether your journey takes you into Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, or into Korthia, the City of Secrets, the music of the Chains of Domination content update will guide your way.

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I’m … disappointed, thought it was going to be an announcement date for 9.1.5. :frowning:

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as someone who did not come back for chains of domination … this post will not make me come back.

what good does this serve…?

blizzard you should spend your time improving your game rather than wasting it on these things

I know lots of artists put so much work into this soundtrack but I can’t bring myself to like it.

I’m sorry but none of it is good to me, everything sounds so similar and depressing.

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On 1 sec i tho its 9.1.5 announcement, nice joke. 10/10 IGN

I’m not a music critique so take this as a person opinion instead.

I haven’t been into the 9.1 raid, looked up guide for it or anything like that. Not even on LFR difficulty, at this point I have zero interest in the raids of this expansion.

Raid mentioning aside, I am sure the music pieces fit the bosses they’re assigned to. It was good that you started lifting the tone about 3/4 of the way through.

I will also say despite that, it was quite ‘down beat’ throughout. If that was the intent of the artistic direction, then you nailed it. It’s just not something I would personally queue up to listen to in the background while doing work/things.

Thank you for sharing though and kudos to the artists involved.

Yes but of course, the soundtrack from the pits of darkness should be happy pop music, with pink unicorns and rainbows all over the place.

How could people have suspected it would be some dark, gloomy, dense atmosphere kind of music?

People have the strangest thoughts…

You can make it ominous and scary without making it depressing and honestly boring.

exorcist theme comes to mind

theme was that good not overly dark either…

that most people who havent even seen the movie know the theme.

It doesn’t quite correlate because the theme tune to the Exorcist wasn’t written to be the theme tune to the Exorcist so lots of people will know it due to it being a forerunner of prog rock without ever knowing that it has anything to do with the movie.

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fair point

However I do agree with your premise that it doesn’t have to be depressing to be be ominous and scary

By that logic, why should the soundtrack for Bastion, the nearest Shadowlands gets to Heaven, be from that classic album “Now That’s What I Call Elevator Music for Funeral Parlors”?

I have sometimes joked that I stay with WoW for the music, rather than the gameplay, and apart from pre-5.4 Mists, where I really never liked the Chinese influences, I have LOVED the music in WoW from my earliest days.

Shadowlands, though, is a huge let-down. It’s not that the music is bad, but I find it not fitting, not well selected, as if by someone unfamiliar with the game or the experience of listening while travelling or playing.

I thought of the “Land of the Dead” excuse, ofc, as I’m sure we all did, but it does not excuse making a depressing and oppressive player experience.

i hate to say it but they should take a note from ff14’s book on game music…

sure its not for everyone but i always found it much better than wow’s

no disrespect to the artists ofc… well none which was intended.

When I tried FF14, the very FIRST thing that hit me in the gut and turned me off was the music. It was so primitive and badly-fitted compared to WoW’s that it gave me an immediate feeling that their devs don’t care at all about the soundscape.

I didn’t at that time fully appreciate how good WoW’s music is … or at least was then, compared to the industry average.

That was a few years ago. Maybe FF has upped their game these days?


i guess we just sit on the different sides of the spectrum on that one :slight_smile:

when i used to play wow i used to play with music off and my own music playing because my own music fit the scenarios better.

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ok. we can say wow is bad, is thrash, is the worst thing in the world, wow killed kennedy, started the bolscevik reveolution, spreaded the black plague BUT we cant say at all the music compartment need to receive lessons from FFxiv.
No. No. in the unix square game the only thing i found badd is the music. Boring and repetitive.
terrible. terrible.
FFXIV is a marvelous game EXCEPT for the music.

EDIT: sorry twiggz. im so frustrated with wow lately that sometimes i overract.

I mean the soundtrack isn’t bad, but it’s hardly worth the price. The mere fact that I prefer to play wow with music off while listening to youtube is enough for me to say “Thanks, but no thanks”.

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youtube. com/watch?v=jbVVsP0uins

is missing :joy:

Having played FF14 I disagree quite strongly, if you had mentioned LOTRO then I think you might have been on to something but I still think that WoW music is better than FF14 but not a patch on LOTRO

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