Shadowlands is not real death

Shadowlands can’t be the real death realm or realms .Maybe it was supposed to be so kind of a way station before that , where souls where given a anima form like we have bodies in the real world .
This does not fit or feel like any kind of afterlife in the real sense .No matter if youre atheist or a person of faith Shadowlands just feels superficial and treats the concept of a soul like is a resource , a thing , not real conscience with free will.
I know it’s just a fantasy game world but it used to have more meaning , wisdom
even if that was something to read between the lines . This just feels like bad writing just for the sake of game mechanics .
I don’t know but just doesn’t feel like a aventure anymore if not even souls matter, and The people in the World of Warcraft doesn’t learn anything from their previous struggles and mistakes and in the end that doesn’t even matter cause they ca be toyed with by cosmic entities without conscience like they are
just resources for their whims .


I theorized at the beginning that the Jailer oversaw the “real” death realm once, and the others were just his officers, and that he tried to stop them when they wanted to siphon energy from souls.
Thats why they jailed him in the maw.

Just a theory, but it would explain the treating of souls as basically batteries.


Honestly, I don’t like the concept of the Shadowlands one bit. The Shadowlands worked better when they were covered in a veil of mystery in my opinion. I personally feel that this expansion has cheapened the Warcraft’s afterlife beyond all possible limits, and I can’t take it seriously anymore.


Shadowlands doesn’t seem to be working as intended, no.

I mean put it this way, in the absence of the Arbiter, the souls seem to flow naturally to the Maw. Considering we have a river of souls there, it seems like that was their rightful destination long time ago.

Oribos and the whole structure of Shadowlands seems titan made. The Maw must have been something else.

From what I’ve gathered from the attendant NPCs in Oribos, the Eternal City had been built by the so-called First Ones. It is also they who had ordered the Shadowlands we know today. The relic stone in the Maw we had attuned ourselves to had also been made by them.

Which sounds a whole lot like the Titans imo. Maybe it’s not them, but the idea that someone interfered with the natural order is still very much a certainty imo.

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I personally believe we can safely rule out the titans. The Shadowlands are a different plane of existence, and the eternal ones were depicted as the Death equivalent of the titans. The First Ones are likely on a far greater level than either of them, most likely being the actual gods of the Warcraft Universe.

Can’t deny the possibility. Whoever these Eternal Ones are, they clearly messed things up.

When Zovaal says “Death was never meant to be chained” I think that means the whole system of death was forced into this new order, for reasons I can’t figure out right now.

Considering what the Jailer is like, my personal guess is that Death, bring an entropic force, would had devoured all the other cosmic forces, thus the need for its restriction. Perhaps it was done in order to preserve the balance between the cosmic forces.

Come to think of it, it could be that each of the cosmic forces had been restrained as well by the First Ones.

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If you look on the cosmological map you can see that Death is indeed chained, while the other forces aren’t.

The question is why and how much does Zovaal have to do with this. Everywhere in Shadowlands he is described as an evil bastard who betrayed his brothers.

I don’t think the Jailer is a good guy by any means but I don’t think the covenant leaders are exactly good either.

Our story so far has only been presented from the covenant’s point of view but we know very little about what Zovaal has to say. Until we learn more about what got him jailed I keep my reservations.

Also note that the covenant leaders address each other as brother/sister but not the Arbiter. I’m convinced atm that the Arbiter is a manufactured machine made with Zovaal’s key.

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The have to make sense of things and i don’t know if they are really thinking about the story or just trowing stuff out there because its sound cool or just for game to have some content even if that content doesn’t make sense . They need to be more wise if that makes any sense .

Contrary to the popular opinion that they have no idea what they’re doing, I actually believe this story was carefully planned since Legion.

As of now, it doesn’t make much sense, no. I’m guessing we will be in the dark up until 9.2 and 9.3 when they’re going to reveal some key plot points.

We were told a big reveal is going to happen when we fight Sylvanas in 9.1. They made it seem BIG so I’m excited.

He posts this while playing as a vulpera…


true though the Winterqueen also says that the one who created Ysera was her sister, what would indicate Elune or Eonar again, what again meens they are connected to the titans, question is who did she meen Elune or Eonar, becuse ysera is kind of connected to both.

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My theory is that Elune is one of the First One, and is likely the one who created life, thus both Eonar and the Winter Queen are her creations. Eonar is the Titan of nature and life, so her being the Winter Queen’s sister would make more sense than Elune.

and they would kind of match eachother, whit one beeing cold and other warm

Having bears and other “alive” beasts in Shadowlands makes no sense to me…like a lot of the animals can be found in Azeroth and why does the afterlife need living animals?
Maldraxxus makes no sense to me either, you die, get sent to Maldraxxus, fight in arena and die again for good within maybe a few shadowlands days. Havent played the covenant story so I’m not sure if “killed” people in Maldraxxus could be reanimated.

And the denizens of Shadowlands don’t really seem to value their last chance at being a sentinent being all too much either…

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The Shadowlands are demonstrably just a second shot at existence since you’re still mortal after a fashion, truly dying in your new soulform whenever you finally do. And then it’s over.

The question is what purpose this awkward halfway point for souls really has besides harvesting your anima in various ways.


So if you die again in the Shadowlands… where do you go?

In terms of keeping a loop, it feels like your essence fuels life, so if no one “dies” in the Shadowlands, life cannot continue.

This way two opposites co-exist, one cannot survive without the other.

My guess is, that this is the main purpose: Using the Souls as batteries before really letting them die.