Shadowlands: Maw Updates in Chains of Domination

Don’t really get why you’re posting this for what feels like the third time and still not include a release date. Yeah great we’re going to Korthia, we can mount in the Maw and we’re able to fly… but when though :sleepy:


Pretty sure that info has been around on wowhead for some weeks.
At least give us something new, if not a release date for it… :no_mouth:

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you can get normal raid gear ( 233 ilvl ) in Korthia

What is this secret unstable entity? 9.1? :laughing:

Gear up in this expansion is more rare then legendary gear was in vanilla. Blizzard want us to buy boost to get gear.


Yeah, sure! Let’s go with that!

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not realy dood lol, even as a casual i think you can do m+0 easily , or normal raid

Will there be flying in the Maw?

no :smiling_imp:

It is really odd that they wouldn’t have announced the patch date yet, from the content available online of the PTR Korthia seems effectively done, and it’s mostly raid testing left.

raid testing is also finished. Its a business metric issue. selling the most boosts in tbc until saturated

Rewards and mechanics are still in development and subject to change, so be sure to check back for periodic updates on worldofwarcraftcom as we approach the release of Chains of Domination.

No one knows when 9.1 release is “approaching”, not even you lot apparently lol redundant end note if I ever saw one.


So, you won’t be able to fly from the Maw to the sky and reach Oribos? When you fly in Oribos, and you still have to jump to the Maw, or go to the gate with the flight master. (I know there’s a gate that opens to Korthia in 9.1)

Blizzard blizzard blizzard you jebaited me :smiley: GOOD one

carpet puts on a brave face

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This is known since i think begining of the expansion? :smiley:

I’d like to quote this excellent question.

Urgh, another :rooster:tease by Blizzard :frowning: got me excited for a sec.

My game is gaining dust.

Please delay the date as far as you need and don’t withhold QOL features until 9.1.5 that would otherwise come up in december :+1:

I think they should work on the next XPac,
Or just comletely forgot about making it.
Stop it, WoW was good, but now its killed itself, let it be.
Goodbye WoW.

Blizz Make a new game,
Or just surrender, sell the company and give all the money to Bobby, he deserves it.
A buchered game, lore, and company, its sad but true,
I’m also sad…