Shadowlands Preview: Forge Your Own Legendary Items

Shadowlands Preview: Forge Your Own Legendary Items

Forge powerful legendary gear customized to your specifications and defeat the perils that plague the Shadowlands.

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No thanks!!


then don’t :slight_smile: Nobody is going to force you to craft legendaries :slight_smile:


Only going to craft one.
Because you have to run Torghast to be able to make them, that’s a gamebreaker for me.
One, and that’s it.

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I agree, it’s a shame that player power requires participation in the one single major new expansion feature


Seems like professions will play a larger role in gearing than before, that is something that is appealing to me and the prospect that other traders and their professions will be beneficial for others to seek out. They felt pretty weak in this expansion so I will look forward to seeing how this system unfolds and if it brings about some positive interaction between players at all.

Yeah; Legion’s legendaries did it perfect; could get them from many types of content.

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On topic: I want to be able to transmog the whole legendary set once I’ve crafted all the pieces

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I lost it when u made sentence with “legion legendaries” and “perfect” together…

I would rather play bfa again than go to early legion and their legendary system…

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Yes please.

A list of where they drop the base item from would be nice Blizz…

There is one for like month or so already

U drop “legendary power” and craft base one

Sorry, meant to say the recipe.

So yes… a list of where the recipes drop from would be useful.
And what legendary recipe drops.

Yea, the “recipes” that determines what the leggo does have known drop sources.

And then u use various proff stuff + ash from thorgast to fuse it together to make legendary item u can wear


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Well yeah… but i want to know what content drops what legendary.
What boss, what do i need to farm, or simply put… who do i need to kill??

Thanks… i knew i saw a wowhead article a few weeks ago with the drop points.

I just linked u wowhead link to exactly that…

I hit enter at about the same time. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again.

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Np bro, happens

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