Shadowlands Season 4 Great Vault Details

With Shadowlands Season 4 starting this week, we want to provide extra clarification on this week’s Great Vault. Here’s what to expect:

  • Time a Mythic+ 18 to earn a +15 keystone this week.
  • Season 4 Great Vault rewards will begin with 10 August weekly resets.
  • Attendant’s Tokens of Merit selected this week can only be sold for 1000 gold each.

I have a nice suggestion for an “experiment”. Kill the vault and let’s get our items from the actual content :slight_smile:


Well said.

Let’s hope Microsoft read this.

Time for them to take out the trash.


the vault is fine imo

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If you like getting crit versa rings week after week.

What was wrong with buying gear from token drops like in wrath?


Let’s wait for the gear progression changes. I have some hope left regarding dragonflight. They said that a more deterministic progression is in development. So let’s see… If not I’m not too convinced that the expansion will be good tbh

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What ilvl will be dropped from the end of dungeon vault? Max, or capped?

I don’t mind the vault system if it drops an item that I currently don’t have lol.

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Can you put your top coders to work and fix : Mind Control now causes players to disconnect randomly. It’s been 3 expansions. When you fix this?

Dumb question: having done CN Fated through LFR, what ilvl would be in the vault next week?

Same that drops from lfr . If u did it whole it will ( might ) include loot from last two

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It’s very good part of game, these people don’t even know what they ask for >_> basically they want to remove vault to have even less chance to get what they want, idiots

nah, i think the only thing that should be changed is that you can’t get the same loot if you already have it at that level.

How will Ai make decisions there ?

Lets say i already have back at max ilvl. But it has “wrong” stats for me . Im i locked out of chances of getin bis stat back from vault now ?

How about weapons ? Especially for those that can use more . Frost DK drops two hand, is he now locked from droping 2x one hands ?

How about trinkets ? Some are now equal at different ilvl, and many arent equal at same .

If i have one at max and some other from hc raid , im i gona still get trinkets even tho i wont change thst one despite the lower ilvl?

Or when i get a garbo trinket at max ilvl im i locked out of geting anything else ?

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ok, fair point. i just realised how bad that would be XD

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I’m just wondering if the tooltip on the vault has not updated yet. I did 3 fated bosses (normal) on this character before switching to an alt. Normal awards 278 loot but the vault tooltip says I will get a 252 reward?

I’m hoping it updates on reset and awards 278?


yes, me too, cuz if not this is just stupid

I’m fairly certain that the tooltip refers to what people are CLAIMING from the vault this week based on last week’s progress. The blue post on US mentions that S4 rewards reflect next week… which makes some sense… it’s just that confusing part of S3 ending and S4 starting lol. We shall see.

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We’ve heard this billshot from bliz over and over again.

What’s the definition of doing same thing over expecting different results?