Shadowlands: The Mage Tower Returns Permanently

Shadowlands: The Mage Tower Returns Permanently

The Mage Tower will now be always available, bringing back epic solo challenges and awesome rewards for those who conquer them.

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Good luck testers!!! :four_leaf_clover:

im an achievement whorde! lets goooo!

friendly NPCs literally getting one shotted in the healer challenges.


Some questions that are unclear:

  • do we need to be lvl 60 to access the mage tower?
  • you mentioned the difficulty would be normalized, but how will your ilvl factor into the difficulty? In PvP you scale based on your ilvl. Will a hc geared char have an easier time compared to a fresh lvl 60, or will all stats be the same for all players regardless of gear? This matters because I want to try all challenges bit I’d like to know if I have to gear up the chars first.
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So aside guardian druid and a mount there really isn’t a lot of reason to do it? Sorry then, i am not excited.

It’s not worth it for me to sink time into something like that if the reward is barely that.

i did get a few legion artifact tower skins back in legion, and i was hoping i could get the rest. I am disappointed.


Just answering with how it works on the ptr:

You can access it with lv. 50 characters as well. You get scaled down to 45 so maybe you just need to be 45 to enter but I didnt have a character at that lv to test.

Your gear gets scaled down to ilvl 50. So your current gear doesn’t really matter much. But it being Timewalking means that you can cheese the ilvl with old world trinkets and legendaries such as Shadowmourne or Dragonwrath to have an easier time in there.

I am very interested in this! Would there be a list somewhere of such powerful weapons/gear that work like that?

Wowhead has both an article with what effects don’t work in Mage Tower:

As well as here an article for the best stuff for timewalking in general:

Just try and look for gear that is above ilvl 50 baseline otherwise you might lose on enough stats for it to not be worth. Exception might be things like Dragonwrath where the effect is strong enough to make up for it.

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Awesome, thank you!

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Pretty sure there are some Recolour Transmog sets from on of the Legion raids as well. But not just any recolours. Probably the best recolours for the sets. So that’s pretty hype.

One more question: the guide for gear is very good but it’s explained nowhere if all gear is scaled up/down. In the case of the legion TW tower I assume I can’t be using a Wotlk legendary since that will be lower gear than my current, scaled-down-to legion ivlvl gear, correct? So I need to gather powerful Legion gear to be using in the Mage Tower.

So it’s only available during Legion TW? not something that’s gonna keep me subbing, sorry guys, i’m out once this one runs out


Good luck with your next game :slight_smile:

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What else do you want? Full mythic gear, 20 new mounts, 30 toys and 38 new cosmetic armors for completing 7 challenges? Give me a break. I know that Blizzard had alot of downs this year, but some of you just have such surreal expectations.


Didn’t get very far, only 67% :sweat_smile: but it was fun going back there. Does feel incredibly poor to play without any of dreaded “borrowed powers” we’re used to now.

There’s definitely some tweaking necessary. Saw alot of people complain about the healer challenges (as mentioned above too).

As a side note, seeing the Ravencrest armor for purchase on the TW vendor was a nice surprise!

I know I’m gonna break my back trying to do the healer challenge on my paladin, but I insist on completing it.

Is it high expectations to just put back the old transmogs?

That’s even lower expectations than making a new transmog for each spec.


Yeah, because the mage tower this time won’t have all the class designs / systems that were back then. I’m mad I completed only 8/12 classes aswell, but it wouldn’t feel fair to get the last 4/12 I missed. If they reintroduced these skins, they would also have to bring back MOP CMs, WOD CMs and tons of unobtainable gear.

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I could care less frankly, i have no “pride” for these types of things, i have quite a few of these transmogs already, i couldn’t care less about the exclusivity.

I just want to get my transmog.

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