Shadowlands: The Mage Tower Returns Permanently

And the game would definetly be better for it if instead of just removing those Blizzard kept them around with fair challenges. The more content for the game the better.


makes me wana quit wow XD


I wonder if this will be very hard for rogues. Maybe I should put on some rouge? :smiley:

No new chance at the artifact skins, or at least a recolor variant of them? Waste of time.


unique weapon skins for one. The rest i can just acquire via the all mighty WoW Token and the raid boosting that is advertised everytwhere in LFG and /2.

The mage tower is going to be a disaster / joke.

Almost no testing and its only available over a month after the patch <<< What the hell?

Then once the first 2 weeks are over its going to be 18 weeks before its back in the rotation again.

Thats your patch folks. Reflect on that for a while…


They should to that. I got the CM transmog on this char, I don’t care if others can get it as well.


I think that’s Blizz allowing for continued PTR testing and balancing after 9.1.5 launch.

Because they are cramming too much into a QoL patch and know full well they can’t do full QA on all of it. At least they are mitigating that problem… although the right answer was multiple small QoL patches starting about a month ago and going on into December :confused:

Maybe it’s time for wow to start building content that reflects it’s long legacy ? An occasional challenge that can be beaten by acquiring gear from several expansions isn’t my answer, but it is at least an attempt.

WoW needs to start working the legacy content in useful ways. The mage tower revival should be the start of that.

I just dont get though on why it needs to be rotational? And for timewalking as a whole for that matter? Ok, at least most of the TW stuff so far is boring enough that most people dont care if they dont see it for a few months again but if we wanna get to a point where this stuff is actually cool, that rotation system kinda needs to change big time.

Really? Well, it’s better than nothing, but it’s still not that great.

But i want my damn artifact transmogs.

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If they do that (for these things we’re talking about), they should just add everything removed. If they bring in MOP CM sets, WOD CM sets, MT skins, I want original T3 back, old ZG mounts, brutosaur, both removed proto drakes etc (and I know you can get them on BMAH). See what I’m trying to say?

Those are still obtainable.

Personally, I would have been disappointed if it were artifact transmog. I honestly think artifacts belong nowhere but the past, it was a terrible move by blizzard.

Out of all the borrowed power systems artifacts was by far the best.

The real mistakes they made was to not make ap account wide, and to not make it the progression system of wow. Or at least the framework of artifacts.


for me it’s not how it was done or the way the game played around it… it was just the fact it happened.

Weapons should be dropped.

I said that. But hardly counts due to how BMAH works.

Honestly for me relic drops or weapon drops, same thing really.

They should have kept the framework of artifacts if they didn’t wanna keep the weapon itself.

Removing them in favor of a new borrowed power system each expansion was basically the worst of the worst they could have done.

And what reason is there for keeping them out of the game? Apart from 10 or 12 people who have those items, still play the game and seethe at the idea that others can have them as well?
Exclusivity in this game is a joke. There to force you to play at all times so you don’t miss out while most content isn’t even that challenging(by the end of legion most of the mage tower was a joke).
I didn’t play during MOP or WOD to know how much boosting was going on in CM but take arena/M+ for example. I can pay real money right now to get glad/clear all +15 for to-be unobtainable rewards and for whatever reason some guy who starts playing 1 year later and would love to get this rewards can’t work earnestly towards them?

They should bring back most stuff thru BMAH/grindy achievements which will be even more time consuming. Pretty sure that would somewhat help with declining number of subs.


yeah too many voice and text lines changes that nobody asked for. Could’ve done something good with that dev time.

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