Shaman Totem problem

Hello dear users and admins.
I would like to report that Im currently having problem to see buffs from my totems in floating scrolling combat text.
I tried to uninstall game completly and use just Blizzard Classic frames.

I did use:
Interface options -> Combat -> checked Enable Floating Combat text -> Show Auras and Fade Auras

But when I drop for example Grounding totem I dont see it in game in the Scrolling Text area
(note that dmg, heals etc is working) ONLY TOTEM buffs (gains) arent.

Any help?
I tried to use addons like AdvancedInterfaceOptions but It isnt working.
I tried to delete all WoW/ folders.
deleted all registry used CCcleaner. Delete every penny of cache there could be but still my Auras aint showing,

Any help?


PS. Are binds now beeing saved to server? Cause when I completly reinstalled WoW Classic I had bind setuped which is weird.
maybe it has something to do with the totems not working?
Or is it intended?

(PS. I saw many videos on youtube of Elemental Shamans and They have the buffs when they cast their totems in their videos …)

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