Shaming the Horde

The Horde failed to protect the Zandalari.
They allowed to happen that the Alliance destroyed their fleet, robbed their treasury and killed King Rastakhan.
For all of Zandalar there should be a remembrance day to shame the Horde so that they would always be reminded of their greatest failure. Screw The Horde council and everything they stand for. There should never be peace between the Zandalari and the Alliance until the ice witch Jaina Proudmoore is dead. Di chuka Zandalar!


There was no Horde council when Zuldazar was attacked.


I completely agree Erevien. Sylvanas really didn’t do her Job when Zandalar was attacked, or during most of BfA to be honest.

Oh, you want to put this failure on the Horde Council that was created as a reaction to her failure? Nice try.

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But… why Jaina? Like, seriously. She wasnt even in the Throne Room when Rastakhan died. That was Shaw and Genn.


I thought it was Sylvanas that was promising all of this.


Yes, the Zandalari should leave the Horde so the noble and good Alliance can rid the world of yet another racist savage species that loves war.

The masquerade failed before she could fulfill her pormise :clown_face:

Jaina killed Rastakhan. And she will pay for it.

But she… literally didnt? That was my point. Jaina wasnt even in the Throne Room. She was outside throwing ice to slow down the horde raid. Genn, Shaw and the Players are the one who killed him.

Why is this even a question? Yes she was, she leaves the palace after the fight, seen in the cinematic. More important, she was the leader and the Zandalari are holding her responsible. It makes perfect sense.


Without the Blood Elves we could have a true Horde. Why nobody think about it?

It is entirely the hordes fault, she the banshee used and sacrificed the stupid trolls to feed the maw.

She knew and cared little if they would be suceeding just like hellscream did put unfair pressure on the peacefull shatter spear troll and not sending them reinforcement in order to sacrifice/use them /wipe them out for war effort.

Fact is without the mischevious hainous banshee the troll king might very well be alive granted he would have enough brain cell not to wage a war that wasn’t his concern and where his people had everything to lose which wisdom clearly wasn’t his best asset ! :stuck_out_tongue:

She even pushed the irony and vice in mock calling princess whatever: congratulations on becoming queen ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny enough most Trolls aren’t in the Maw, some slipped yes.

More like… Zandalari shouldn’t ally themselves with an evil superpower that just started a war and caused a mass genocide.

That’s like joining the axis during ww2 and expecting you won’t get attacked by allied forces.

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They only Allied themselves with the Horde after they were attacked by the Alliance.
Before they allowed the Horde to stay there and prove their worth to them, nothing more.

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And you don’t think that makes them responsible?
You’re literally hiding war criminals in your capital city while they conspire and send attacks against a faction that didn’t start and didn’t want this war.
Literally same thing would happen in real life. You don’t just use your capital as a safehouse for this evil and then get surprised you are attacked


Is that why Genn tried to kill the Horde’s head of state during a ceasefire?

Funny to read this:

Guess the NE’s had it coming for sheltering the Worgen that supported Genn.

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Genn attacking Sylvanas was 100% deserved. She committed genocide of his people, murdered his son, killed fleeing worgen civilians at the harbor, tried to steal his land and betrayed Varian at broken shore that caused his death. Sylvanas is the embodiment of the words Warcrime and Scum

Doesn’t really support your argument much homie. It would if it wasn’t Sylvanas who he attacked, but that’s not what went down.

Also, completely unrelated to battle for DA. I mean you horde players always drift away from topic because you guys know your faction is evil and morally wrong and it’s impossible to defend it withou looking like a psychopath. So instead you always choose to blame the alliance for something in the past. Ironically enough majority of the times it’s not even morally wrong what you’re blaming us for


Soo…he did want to start a war right?

Or are we take his premeditated attempt at assassinating the Hord’es head of state as some friendly fire?

Also, i’m not “drifting away”.
You said that the Alliance didn’t want this war, and tried to go the victim route in order to excuse any consequence as something that came out of the blue…

And now you are vindicating the right Genn had to start conflict against the Horde with a blatant attempt at murdering their commander in chief, alongside a big chunk of the factions military.

So yeah, your logic sucks…homie. :joy:


Said the guy that just wrote an entire thread arguing how internment camps that punish on a racial level, and prosecute the innocent children of those involved isn’t morally screwed.


Yes completely ignore the fact that 95% of those camps were filled participants of mass genocide;) typical hordie.

Also back to the genn point. Sure, back then we were the ones who were warmongering and if the war started it would be on us, never denied that. But that’s not the case. The war started after the Teldrassil genocide which Alliance definitely didn’t want;) Sylvanas did to cause damage to both factions and to blow the souls to her daddy up above. Not like horde didn’t enjoy taking innocent lives, after all that’s what you do best. So yes DA was an attempt to stop the war You guys started as fast as possible