Should I transfer here?

Might be the wrong place for the topic, but I’m having doubts as usual.

I used to main a worgen druid on Silvermoon, it was my only real character. With the start of SL, I ended up transferring and swapping him to horde, to follow a guild I was in with the intention of actually raiding. It never really happened, and now said guild is slightly in limbo as well.

Over this time, I’ve made quite a few horde characters I really like, gotten a few to 60 too. But Elune be my witness, I miss my Worgen. Don’t get me wrong, I like the tauren I made, but I really vibed with being a worgen more. I’ve been considering my options, and am wondering if blowing another 49 bucks to go back to alliance on here would be a good idea, since it would seem I can’t ever get to do more than casual content anyway.

I like the idea of an RP server, I definitely don’t have many real connections to feel attached to in retail wow as it is. And even here, I’m sure if I really wanted I’d be able to do endgame content, if it ever got to that.

My problem, as always, stems from the issue I really want to play races on both factions, which always puts me in an undesirable position. My original worgen druid will always be my favourite, but I’ve grown attached to an orc DK I have, a highmountain hunter I’ve been leveling, a vulpera warlock, nightborne mage, etc. Most of my characters are not worth transferring, except my main and the DK as it is, but even then, it’s not negligeble.

Another problem I’d have is how most my names are inexplicably taken on here, even the less serious ones (surprisingly.) But all in all, I could rethink my race/class choices and still make adjustments. One of the bigger reasons I get attached to characters I come up with, aside from looks and general personality/backstory, is I guess names. Whomever took both Moousse and Mousse, I’ll find you >:(

Is it even reasonable to want to maintain both horde side and alliance side characters? The faction split has always found a way to foil my plans, and I can never settle down properly in big part because of it. Realistically, I want to eventually have 1 character per each class - but my Shadowlands goal is to have 4, one in each covenant and ideally 1 with each armor type, for easier tmog grinds.

no in ten characters

It definitely is. I think most roleplayers have Horde and Alliance characters, in fact. No one will mind if you do.

I trust you know what roleplay is like? If not, I am certain that someone will explain it.


Do you intend to roleplay ?
If yes, then sure.
If not, other servers may suit your needs more.


Like being said before, just if you want to roleplay, otherwise i dont think it will be much better and not worth the money.

If you intend to roleplay however some things just to start. The problem you said with the names, even if it include stupid ones arent really a problem because for roleplay almost everyone uses an addon called TRP where you can give yourself an in character name, which would be the one that people see and speak to you with.
Second thing if you want to rp a worgen these guys might interest you:

Also dont mind the whole character on both sides thing, it would be wise to have one char to concentrate on, so they can have some ic progression in time, but thats just my opinion. The whole faction hating eachother is just fun sh1ttalk that is only ic. Speaking of the mighty horde and your even mightyer Tauren:

and last but not least if you want to rp your dk there are these cool (get it…) guys:

just by reading those you should get an idea if the rp here interests you or not. If it does, welcome! Happy to have you here! If not i would either look for another server or just wait two weeks for the content update because i think then you will find people for at least a short time on every server again.


yeah if youre coming here to do cool rp then you should join

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I do intend to RP, since I’m quite the lore nut. A little while back I even made a night elf rogue inspired entirely because of the RP aspect of her, with no real plans to play her much at endgame. Then spent hours across a few days just designing her, picking up a rough backstory for her in TRP3 and all the bells and whistles. Haven’t played her since, but that was fun.

Mostly, what worries me, is how decent the population is on both sides, since even if not as bad as normal servers, there’s still an alliance majority here.
Also, I remember reading about RP connected servers before, but I think this one is all on its own?
And, obviously, the biggest problem, transferring. I’d obviously need to keep my main, he’s the whole reason for everything. That’s 49 quid transfer and faction swap. I’d like to keep the DK orc, given he’s just about to finally unlock Shadowmourne and he’s getting on well in Maldraxxus. The rest I can definitely re-level, even change up my ideas perhaps.


Horde rp is different because of that, in the way that is more about the guilds doing events in wordl and less about the usuall walk up in the player hubs. Of course both happens on both sides but Orgrimmar is just much smaller then Stormwind in that regard.

Maybe just try with a new char first if you have any doubt. Make a human starting in Elwyn forest or just an Ork in Durutar so you can walk into the citys real quick and just have a look arround for a few days before deciding to spend that much money.
Or just make an alt after all, sure you want to rp your main, but you can rebuild him and just level him far enough to transmog all that you want. Buuuuut i get you if thats not what you want, just an idea. Always had the same feeling about my Orc Warrior :slight_smile:

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That’s an interesting claim, considering I haven’t posted anything on here for ages and haven’t mentioned any names or even hinted towards names.
I guess I should thank you for the free lodging in your head though. It appears you have taken a lot more notice of me than I of you. :slight_smile:

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Also dont worry about the hate and sh1itposts in this forum. It isnt like that in game. If you want to rp, everyone will greet you with open arms and just be happy that a new player arrives :wink:

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AD is the pinnacle of WoW RP, so if RP is your gig then you are doing yourself a disservice by not being here.


I do have a rogue as I mentioned, so maybe I’ll look around again. And yeah, I can just do alts, but ideally I’d like to have my mains all concentrated at one place. If that’s an RP server, so be it! I like RP, even if I might not be looking to rp as my main focus. Just having hubs be more lively sounds great to me. My main focus is usually just completeing content, collecting appearances and things, And apparently coming up with different characters because it seems I’m an altoholic.


For role play, it is a good server. For raiding, decent. There is a lot of OOC conflict, mind you, but if you learn to ignore it, the server is grand. It’s pleasant at times with lots of events going on and a large selection of guilds. I’d recommend using to look at guilds, too.

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To be honest, this sounds to me like RP is something you might end up enjoying a great deal. I remember when I quit raiding back in 2012, I found myself doing the same thing with my characters - thinking about the world they exist in, and their place in it. That’s what ultimately drove me to switch over to Argent Dawn and start RPing and honestly, it’s not a decision I’ve ever regretted.

There may be some toxic people in the community who truly don’t have anything better to do than stir meaningless :poop:, but approaching nearly a decade on this realm, one solid advice I can give is to just don’t get too invested in the drama. Do what you enjoy, be kind to others, and always be willing to learn from new experiences.

Let’s be excellent to each other.


I agree, but Telaryn smells.

You can still enjoy RP even others say bad about you. Even do content next to it. Eminence is good for both


Heyo! I would say as some others have said! Make a quick alt on each faction, and have a look around their hubs.

Combine that with having a look at either schedules for events here (forums) or check on Argent archives. Doing this gives you a “glimpse” of what exists- and then maybe giving you a better view of the factional “flavor” of each hub and or faction / races.

But yeah - I have done content as well as mostly RPing here, like many places in the internet … it’s mountains and deep valleys - IE good and bad / high and lows…

So, Nothing new from me but i hoped it helped a bit for you :beers::grin:


Something I’m still fuzzy on - how do RP realms work in regards to phasing and cross-realm stuff? I assume there’s none unless they’re connected realms, so are there any issues with finding people for just regular content, world quests, bosses, legacy raid runs etc?

Unless things have changed again, there is phasing/sharding in current content, so Shadowlands. In Stormwind and some other zones/mostly all around, there is no sharding specifically due to help roleplay(after alot of complaining to Blizzard), or if there are its in very small amounts.

Cross-realm works mostly like every other realm, we’re connected to mostly Defias Brotherhood and other RP realms, but if you use the group finder you’ll get people from all over europe as usual.


Sometimes they break this and accidentally shard up Stormwind and Orgrimmar, like that time in 8.2.5 when they flagged Orgrimmar due to the Saurfang rebellion thing taking place there and it was thus tagged as “current content”

But we complain about it and they usually fix it within the week.


get in here lad !!!