[PCU] [H-RP] The Aparoshe Stampede: A Tauren initiative [Recruiting!]

Who stands in defence of our lands? Who stands for our people when our enemies stay at our doors, with too passive an approach at making sure there is peace within our borders? How many other Shu’halo feel that there is no unity between all clans and banners, that they stare out at fields full of life with none to walk among it?

It is simply not enough to not act any more and do nothing. There will be a banner, there will be a stampede, and there will be a name that they share, regardless of home, lands or clan. And that name is the Aparoshe Stampede.

Guild Information?

Under Sabelon Bleakfury’s orders, the Aparoshe Stampede has been made. Named after Apa’ro, the White Stag for his nature as a defender of the lands, as the Aparoshee in honour of his myth. Named after a stampede, an unstoppable motion of force that tramples over their enemies. Dynamic and forward, an inevitable conclusion.

Sabelon has worked as an adventurer and with his people as a Sunwalker and found the lack of a unified group of Tauren under one banner lacking of a more militant leaning. The Valley of Wisdom and Thunder Bluff were once rife with activity of all people, but now the lands feel hollow. The presence of a Shu’halo offensive can be felt, and as times grow more dim, so does the need for people to stick together, and to act.

The Stampede was thus made. An incredibly young guild registered to work along side militant forces of the Horde with a keen interest in homeland defence. The Aparoshe Stampede not only aim to better their lands and battle the still-numerous threats with a pro-active approach, but also to bolster the ranks of the Horde on various endeavours. They offer a pragmatic approach, lead by a Horde-loyal Grimtotem, to aid in these endeavours. On top of that, with sufficient numbers and presence, they can also move onto the more cultural side of all Tauren, be they from any lands: Tauren events of great culture, public rites of initiation, ceremonies and more.

Though inexperienced, Sabelon is confident that he’s able to make something happen. So much so that his recruitment campaign can be considered “assertive”, and word quickly spreads that Bleakfury looks to grow.

OOC Goals?

Sup, gamers. First and foremost, The Aparoshe Stampede is a PCU guild. Use your judgement accordingly with this one. We regularly do events and chill/social RP with them, but this isn’t exclusionary of other non-PCU roleplay. Just to get that out of the way because it’s apparently a hot topic. If you don’t like the PCU, then that’s that. If you want to find out why guilds want to be apart of them, you’re more than welcome to find out.

The main theme of the Guild is a new, fresh banner starting out with a leader who’s ambition might exceed his abilities to lead, but is willing to do so anyway. New energy, new banner, new goals. The guild is decisively more militant than other Tauren guilds but we’re not a military guild in itself, so you won’t find us doing parades and forming ranks in Thunder Bluff. We aim to battle NPC ran events in Mulgore/Barrens/surrounding areas, battling classic Tauren enemies like Quillboar, Harpies, Centaur and even the Venture Co. Outside of these events. We fight the Alliance during RP-PvP events to make them remember why Tauren were an enemy you never wanted to rouse to anger, and we aim to work with other guilds to benefit the Horde and enrich the atmosphere.

At the same time, being purely ruthless can be uninteresting, and Tauren are known to offer diplomacy if-and-when. If necessity demands it, we oblige to work with neutral guilds against mutual enemies. The Alliance may be a consideration if it really came down to us or a greater threat. Otherwise, you can get off our land or we’ll bury you underneath it.

Once established and with large enough numbers, we can run our own events. Tauren have a load of cool, untouched things. Public rites to prove worth, ceremonies, grand hunts for supplies and meats to restock our villages or trade with allies. Respect for the Earthmother. Yes, even smoking peace pipes whilst saying how wise we are.

The guild’s themes are based on Tauren-focused roleplay. All Tauren of all kinds are accepted as long as they’re Horde loyal. Death Knights are also accepted (because Grimtotem have always worked with the Undead). You’re expected to work with the hierarchy and for the benefit of the guild. There’s no set uniform except ‘be in theme with the guild’, and tabards aren’t even mandatory. Pls join.

Decent level of English required. New players are totally fine, so long as you’re willing to grow and learn. Hopefully we can be a name that new players can look up to.

On the subject of activity, we join and run several events a weak with other guilds and we’d sort of expect you to join them. Of course, IRL always comes first so if there’s a decent reason why you can’t join up, then just let us at Upper Management™ know. There is no lack of activity in this guild, but if you’re not showing up to events or logging on, then that’s going to be brought into question. We want an active, solid core of members. We’ve never cared for the biggest numbers, but we want epic gamers who want to be part of a constantly growing guild.


Getting in touch could not be more simple: PM Sabelon in-game for more info and to join up, or post here. Or something. Come say hi.


Good luck w this!!


Sounds nice, best of luck!


Sounds like it might be just what the tauren rp community needs to shake things up!


Sounds like a great plan. Perhaps now I will finally level a druid. Always like the idea of Tauren I love the native American Indian feel about them though I would have to learn a bit more about the Lore for the race and class.

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TAUREN GANG!!! Sounds awsome, I would like to be a part of this.


The Tauren are coming!!!

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Been looking to RP with my Tauren for a long time might hit you guys up sounds interesting and fun. Hope to be in touch soon.

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Hope it all works out for you.

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Looks amazing!

Hoping you’ll affiliate with us here too, we’re a small set of rp’ers and getting more varied Tribes only (hopefully), makes more people interested in Taurens.

We’ll be back in Kalimdor mid to late February, hopefully get a chance to meet up with you and the Tauwahe Tribe, get some cross guild events rolling :smiley:


Cool idea of a warband. Always nice to see other tribes rising. If ure tribe needs kodos we are happy to provide. Hope to see ya´ll in game <3


Im glad to see another Tauren based RP guild, all the best Bleakfury! :smiley:


Best of luck with this based Guild!


A guild name change is pending to be more cool and hip.

Thank you everyone for the support so far! You guys, are the real epic gamers.


Come join the Tribe


this is sick dude!!! !!


Absolutely. Happy to do cross-guild stuff and hopefully get a bunch of different perspectives and characters brought together.


The new name is way better !


Thank you, friend! I feel it definitely has a better “brand image.”

The Stampede met with the Tauwahe Tribe to discuss the matter of acquiring mounts for the future. One promise of a basilisk carcass, fully prepared, and the roughwork of a kodo’s barding, and the deal was struck.

Now, they look to march on Dustwallow Marsh.


Was great fun yesterday, hope to see u more soon :wink: