Silvermoon updated to match the current story



Isn’t it time for Blizzard to make Silvermoon a proper city ?

So much has happened in the lore since TBC and it’s barely reflected in the Blood Elf starting zones.

I would really love to see Silvermoon, Eversong woods and Ghostlands updated to match the current story.

Blizzard has proved to us that hey can make beautiful and majestic cities, take for example Suramar.Can you imagine how beautiful Silvermoon will look reimagined and with more modern assets ?

I would love to see it happen.

(Zarao) #2

Most of the Old BC areas need an update. And yes, that includes both the Exodar and Silvermoon.

The former is supposedly repaired and could even be airborne (assuming the spare parts used to create the Vindicaar didn’t render it unable to).
And the later is more or less recovered and rebuilt.

Yes, both cities need an update. And given the aesthetic assets displayed on Argus, Suramar, and the newest areas, they’d look awesome indeed.

(Kernns) #3

Mixed views I mean while yes a lot has happened since TBC, I am pretty sure the population of blood elfs would still be low maybe even lower since Void elfs left?

So just how much rebuilding would have even been done or zones repopulated, and while I would also like to see more story development on the race, the current old TBC s an important one for players to go through to understand the background of the race.

(Kaisena) #4

@ Kernns
The background of the race could be shared via instanced content.Letting it be as it’s now is more confusing imo.

Also, pretty sure it’s stated that the city is restored to it’s former glory lore wise.

(Kernns) #5

Pretty sure the area isn’t rebuilt given the last comic showed the windrunner spire still in bits, Silvermoon aside which is great - ghostlands and the other towns villages should still be deserted no?

But if I am wrong that’s cool.

And again would also wonder about the population.

(Hawk) #6

I didn’t think the Blood Elves were considered to be particularly low population anymore.

(Kernns) #7

I mean if these people are right,

" the total numbers of elves remaining after The Scourge Invasion, and after Kael’Thas took 15% (two thousand ish). you would have around 13,000 give or take a few hundred left. Now if we say 1-3% died on the Isle of Thunder, and maybe another .5% died in Dalaran (We’ll round to 2% total loss of population from those two conflicts max.) Then you’d round out to 12,500+ remaining Blood elves in Silvermoon.

Based on that, you can estimate 1250+ or so “High Elves” remain.

This is not including the void Elves, who…I can’t imagine being anymore than the high elf population, numbers wise.

SO , this means that at the lowest pitch, you could shoot for… a little under 12 thousand remaining blood elves. (11,250 if you want to directly subtract the supposed number of Ren’dorei)"

And they seem to have taken the base info from gamepedia, which is meant to be a good place for canon info.

Although that’s 2 years old tread but I cant imagine the pop would be much different now.

(Brigante) #8

Nah, they ain’t right. That’s the Scryers under Voren’thal. Not Kael’thas’ original forces, many of whom surrendered and were re-integrated into society. By that definition there would -be- no High Elves, yet we still see them. Void Elves are a squad, lore wise they are a tiny number of people, less than fifty, I mean in no definition is a ‘squad’ a large number, and their numbers can’t increase, as only one entity knew how they were created, and that entity is dead. You can’t assume only Blood Elves died on the Isle of Thunder, or in Dalaran, High Elves were fighting there too, and their numbers are far, far less. High Elves are also described as being functionally extinct, a race in name only. There are more of them than there are Void Elves surely, but given how few Void Elves there are, that is not exactly difficult.

The Blood Elves have had additions to their numbers, in terms of the Sunfury’s who surrendered, the Sunreavers who were rescued, and well, the fact that they have a sustainable population. The High Elves have none of those things, and the Void Elves definitely have none of those things.

As long as Blizz keep throwing High Elves into the game, there are definitely -Hugely- more Blood Elves. The Blood Elves have a sustainable population, the High Elves apparently do not, so one population is stable or increasing, the other is only decreasing…


You still have to take into account that not a lot of time has passed and elves, having long lifespans, probably also are less frequently having children (though no where near as infrequent as Night Elves).

We are actually probably at a point where all of the elven races are reaching population crises due to what is likely a huge difference between the number of deaths and births over the past decade.

Of course, in reality, they’re all just hand wavy population numbers that are enough for sustaining the universe.



Regular reminder that all of the Orcs AND Trolls of Thralls Horde had fit into a couple of ships. And that was BEFORE the war in Ashenvale, Hyjal, the Scourge or any other cataclysmic event in the timeline of WoW.

Population numbers are irrelevant. Don’t even try.


And that Stormwind suffered 50.000 losses in the Lich King war. How did that even happen? I don’t recall any instance of the Alliance taking huge casualties except the Wrathgate, and there couldn’t have been that many troops there.


Sorry, they need to make a few more Saurfang cinematics/Jaina cutscenes before even paying attention to the rest of the game.


Nah sorry Activision don’t do updated content, they just push forward and hope ppl just don’t remember or care about the original story or zones.

(Brigante) #14

Also a reminder that humans built houses too small for them to fit into. I mean what is that, a wooden sleeping bag? We can’t really take the ‘couple of ships’ argument seriously, unless we also believe that humans in Azeroth are not in fact conceived, but paid for and appear fully adult. It was an RTS game for heavens sake… :smiley:

(Kaisena) #15

Are we really going to try and apply logic towards the rebuilding of Silvermoon depending on the number of Blood Elves currently alive ?

We teleport through time and space, ride dragons,talk to titans and breath underwater.

Grand Magister Rommath just managed to finish conjuring a spell that restored the city.There, i’ve done it for you.

Pull Silvermoon out of 2007 already, it’s long overdue.

(Elyssarain) #16

:fire: is probably the only way Silvermoon will get a proper update. Be careful what you wish for.


Fine! Just make sure the children don’t escape. There’s nothing like the smell of crispy children in the morning.

(Elyssarain) #18

Remind me why Deathknights are the bad guys again?


Because you betrayed your king. You are oathbreakers.

(Elyssarain) #20

Now now, being MC’d and willingly mass murdering are completely different things.