Single Minded Fury vs. Might of the Frozen Wastes

First of all I’m very happy for 2h frost DKs that they get MotFW baseline, win a talent point and get buffed in the process. Very good change!

That being said: now do the same thing for 1h fury warrior. Thx.


I’d rather see SMF removed and make 2h weapons transmoggable (?) for Fury only, problem basically solved. Give the spec something interesting instead of SMF.


At least warriors can avoid getting 1 h weapons.

Frost dk and ww monk don’t have that option.

I just got a staff on my ww monk, it’s more than 10 ilvl higher than my current weapon, same enchants, guess what? It’s not an upgrade.

Needless to say i am pissed.

These people who asked for the return of irrelevant, worthless garbage, actively made the game worse, but i guess the game has more “flavor” now, yea it tastes like crap when it happens, there’s your flavor.

Oh don’t you just love it when you get the objectively inferior weapon type for your build?

They could have just allowed us to choose the weapon type we want, but they didn’t.

but they cannot avoid getting 2h weapons…

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2 h weapons is exactly what you want for both fury and arms.

If you wanna play unoptimally you do you, but at least you can avoid the worst case scenario for warrior.

You cannot do that for dk or monk.

My point is: why does anybody has to? Why we cant have a popup and click ‘1h’ and be done with it is beyond me

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No idea, probably laziness on blizzard’s part.

Still, people asking for this stuff did not help.

Don’t blame the people who wanted 1-handers (Between us: Those flail models are very cool!), blame Blizz for messing up the implementation of it.

I for one didn’t want the “Be able to use 1-handers to avoid looking silly with oversized 2-handers (Or being forced to reroll my main)”-thing to be a “Monkey’s paw” kind of deal.

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Yea well, if you didn’t ask for this trash we wouldn’t have this problem.

Sure, blizzard implemented it badly, but at the end of the day you still made the request.

And it did nothing good for the game in any way shape or form. Could they fix it? Sure, but it sure as hell isn’t the case now.

And it caused more than one problem for me and many others already.

Let’s turn this around: If people back in Wrath PTR didn’t whine for TG because it was supposedly cool in “Diablo II”, we wouldn’t be in this mess, either.

But because people were begging for that trash (To borrow a phrase) back then, we are in this mess now.

I could blame you for that, but that would be petty, silly, and most of all misplaced, so i’ll blame Blizzard for adding TG to the game, instead.


Except that arms warrior was already using two handed weapons, which makes swapping easier, not harder.

I know you wanna turn this around, but the facts are not on your side.

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Well, let’s take that “Problem for me (ie. you) and others” then: Switch to Arms loot-spec, there, your “huge problem” is gone, you’ll only get 2-handers, nothing to (By some convoluted logic) blame other players for.

I’d like for the SMF/TG divide to be gone too, and just be able to transmog 2-handers into 1-handers, but for some reason Blizz won’t/can’t do that, so we’ll just have to make do.

We could remove two handed for frost and monk, or blizzard could wake up and allow us to choose the weapon.

First, I very much like the option to play 2x1h Fury, it only needs a buff. Second, do not touch 2h Frost (it finally came back!), or I’ll summon Lich King to waste you.

the lich king would waste you instead for pretending to be him when your just a beta knight he threw away to assault light’s hope :stuck_out_tongue: dual wielding tiny sticks is the frost knight’s true calling

real fury/arms warriors wield a giant sword leave that tiny sword business to the rogues and protect warriors

Theres alot to be done in fury talent tree. Either as you said, smf becoming baseline or move it further up while making other talents baseline.

Rampage for example, makes no sense not being baseline as its Fury warriors main ability.

I agree it would be nice to have the option to go smf, and it has to be a solid option.

I would to enjoy to hear from someone at Blizzard on what their design idea was behind the Fury tree for Dragonflight was.

It does feel like they have aimed for two possible playstyles within the fury tree with the 1Handed talent options with Annihilator etc, then your 2Handed options with buffs to Raging blow and then a overlap of the two in the center with rampage and the talents attached to it.

However, both choices feel some what lacking with how the tree is atm.

Having a lot of fun with SMF in timewalking. Too bad the item scaling is horrendous. Ironfoe + hand of justice would’ve been incredible to use combined with the MoP cloak and the sword that summons a whelp through auto attacks, too bad non of them proc like they should.

I totally agree, what is more Fury than a flurry of fast blows?
It is not a transmog problem, it is the fact of being a storm of weapons.
People should stop talking nonsense about builds meant to be weaker than others, it is a poor game design that the community shall not praise.
What would be the risk if 2h and 1h had same overall damage output ?
7% less DPS means 12% buff instead of 5 would result in around 0,5% less DPS still favoring tg.
Even that would be better than nothing.


Hi, sure I will explain you one of if not the major main issues. That being balance and performance.

Now Blizz has stated that TG will be the better choice of the two for pure performance. This makes it so that you as a Fury Warrior that care about minmaxing know you just need two twohanders (the most hard to get combination of weapons). Now, in a world where you could also use SMF and it was competative - there would be scenarios where you would want SMF over TG. So every Fury warrior would now need 4 weapons. Two twohander, two onehanders.

Sure, you personally might not mind - but think of the mindboggling hell it would be to get your hands on weapons for the progressing Fury Warrior. You now compete with all the twohander users and onehander users. You basically swallow up not only two twohander, but 4 weapons in total. Insanity.

That is the main argument of the matter from Blizzards and most of the warrior community’s point of view: We don’t want to farm out four weapons, so we can be optimal in all scenarios. So TG is the go to option chosen.

And to sum it all up, if you simply are a casual player that enjoy the game and want to play SMF - just do it. The DPS difference will not be bottlenecking you in your HC or slow-prog mythic raids, nor in m+ up to 20 level. So enjoy SMF, there are noone but yourself stoping you.

Note: Most aruge for SMF just want using onehanders as a visual thing. So hey, join that bandwagon and ask for TG to being able to be mogged to look like SMF.

Hope that helps you out understanding the situation. Have a great coming weekend!