So close to cenceling my subscibtion

Every single day, without fail. The first BG I get into is against a “russian” premade group. It is a sure loss, but most times the other team is just farming honor, and not ending it fast. So I just waste 20 minutes, if I don’t leave.

This is so infuriating and makes me want to cancel my subscribtion. I don’t have alot of free time as a father and husband. I love competition, I love a challenge, but this is just stupid.

Why on earth hasn’t premade teams been banned from battling against non-premade teams yet?


Sometimes it’s best to leave and eat the deserter buff and after 15 minutes you can queue for a new game.

yeah, but… you leave, and someone else join into that game, with the game already started, it rly doesn’t solve much.


Doesn’t have to be that way, I use an addon called “BattlegroundEnemies”.

Besides what are blizzard going to do, stop players from playing with friends or ban Russians from playing on eu servers?

Most of the times I see Russians is when there are less players online and Blizzard decide to use them for faster queues.

how does battleground enemies even tie to what i said…?

You said “with the game already started”

If you have the addon you can see their names and what server they come from and if you suspect it’s a Russian premade it’s better to leave if frustrate a player as much as they want to quit.

Game have 2 minutes before the battleground starts to find a new player and the new player will not join a lost battle.

Op doesn’t have to fight against Russians and the next player have a higher chance of winning.

yeah but… someone else is joining, and if he leaves, someone else joins and so on…

Nothing to do with it. There are pro-premades from all zones.

True. The snowballing (a small win results in bigger wins, aka. killing someone with no hp weakens the team and other people die easier) is absolutely crazy right now. Its no fun if you lose without a chance to withstand, its (not so much) fun to farm enemy noobs in the GY.

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No reason why it should be a ‘sure loss.’

  1. Russian adult males have a 33% chance to be suffering from alcoholism. You can literally google this yourself right now. Alcoholism comes with it a host of mental problems effecting your vision, memory, ability to think and so on.
  2. Russians, besides the Chinese, are the #1 region of boost buyers. Their mindset is to pay money to get ahead, not use skill to get ahead. 10 years ago you would be facing armies of Russian bots that played better than actual Russians do today.
  3. This is reflected in their PvE performance as well. The first Russian guild is rank 30th or something, despite them having an enormous player-base.

If you get a premade and its Russian - stay in. Pretty decent chance you’ll win. In fact, Russian premades are the only premades that you stand any real chance of beating. This goes for both regular BGs and epic BGs.

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You say all of this but in my experience, facing Russian teams (premade or not) almost certainly results in a loss and a painful one at that.

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One of the funniest things in this game is when a random BG group dies in the first 15 seconds because they didn’t press any buttons and then blame it on ‘tHeYrE a PrEmAdE, wE lOsE’

Even if they were, this doesn’t change the fact that you’re bad.

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If I die in BG and check dps chart and see myself number 1 and doing 50% of the whole teams dps I leave instantly. No reason to waste time with trash. For some reason 2023 retail players are very slow.

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How someone liked this post highlights the problem of this generation.

No. WoW was way better 10+ years ago. Even in on Random BG’s. Good thing we got solo que 3v3. Solo RBG’s and 2v2 are coming next. Your response revealed that you are one of those who finish BG’s with 500K dps.

…& not one of those who finishes prematurely because they’re too good to play with ‘trash’.
I know who I’d rather have beside me in a fight.

That’s your opinion and I have mine. Im fine with that.

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I just don’t understand your opinion.
’I’m clearly the strongest link on my team so… I’m off now. gl’


As a good player, you can tell how “those games” will turn out. If you do more dmg than your whole team combined and you feel like you can’t carry the BG alone (especially when enemies do play ok-ish), there is no sense in staying in that BG. And I don’t think that those other players (with less gear, less skill, no enchants, maybe even green quest items), those playesr don’t have the right to expect anything from you.

Of course some games are lost causes & it can be frustrating, but what’s so hard about taking the loss, secure in the knowledge that you tried your best?

Is such an ambiguous term.
Top dps ≠ good player. We’ve seen people beat up a turnip for top dps / watched people beat up a tank w/2 healers for 10mins on a path, before bragging about their dps. Contribution to the objective may as well be zero & probably contributed more to the loss than anything else, but gratz on getting to the top of the scoreboard.

I don’t know why people join random BG’s expecting anything other than lowbies, newbies & people in greens …it’s not a high-end RBG.
If some lowbie can make it to the end of a 10min game, getting his butt handed to him every time he rezzes, I’d much rather have that person on my team than someone who calls his team mates trash, then deserts. At least the lowbie will have gear one day & when he does, I know he’ll still be with us at the end of the game -win or lose.

So I’d keep the label ‘good player’ well away from anyone who regularly abandons their teammates mid-game, regardless of their crazy dps.
…if nothing else, then for the sake of some poor sod they’re about to force to join the defeat that they themselves couldn’t man-up & accept.


Because these randoms used to be the thing and everybody was good and solid player. RBGS are nothing but target calling while using cheat addons and voice com.