So for us Sylvanas Loyalists

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when she says we will be rewarded, time and time again, we have to act like we want to side with Baine/Saurfang, I wonder what the reward is.

Could it be

As a belf you die and she raises you where you stay Blood Elf but with red eyes and a new skin , same way the Night Elves got Night Warrior, this eliminates Dark Rangers being an allied race , and just given to us as a cosmetic which is something I think many would be down with.

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Well Im loyal on my Nightborne Hunter, but the undead can stay well away from me.

None of my Blood Elves are loyal.

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And what exactly would other races get?

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Some sort of undead troll…or undead orc…or, are we actually just talking death knights?

Also, I thought Blood Elves got their golden eyes through the Sunwell. Night Elves with Night Warrior, Blood Elves with Sunwell.
Get in line - Void Elves and Nightborne deserve love.

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I would actually like some sort of in-game item that represents who you side with.

As for a cosmetic reward for every race ? Would be cool but somehow i doubt blizzard will put in the work.

I’m not sure blizz thought this through until the end.Regardless of how BFA ends some players will just feel left out.Not sure they can please all sides.

I like to believe all the choices i made so far will count for something but i am skeptical.


I doubt you will get anything, if there was some interesting reward based on choice then they would have a similair thing of it for the other faction. But the Alliance only got to name anduins stupid boat with 4 stupid choices.

I’m wondering more if there is any use in keeping that ugly n’zoths eye on my head instead since that is for both faction. Either way it wont make much of an impact. Its an mmo rpg and not a choice based rpg like mass effect or dragon age.


Sylvanas’s reign has to stop. There is already rebellion forming against her, so I have no idea what they have in store for her loyalists X)

Unless there is some huge surprise in 9.0, which might happen … there is a lot of signs that the factions might end, maybe there are new and more of them like in Warcaft III, so 4 then?

Who knows but it seems like they have something in their minds, it is a bit suspicious tbh :smiley:


I wish…

I’m 99.99999% certain we’ll get diddly-squat. Zilch. Nothing. Nada. Cero (that’s zero in Spanish).

My char’s done nothing but be loyal to Sylvanas, I’d kill Baine right now if I could… I’d solo him. Him and Thrall together, actually.

I can take 'em both. I am a ret.

But no.

I have to play along and massacre my own brethren… and side with that barnacle, Jaina.

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In honesty though, you should not have been expecting extra customization, because that runs the risk of isolating portions of the playerbase.
The golden eyes and the black eyes don’t really do that. The latter, maybe - but that is ones fault for not doing the Darkshore quests, which are easy.

I would have expected more story for Sylvanas followers. If I was in charge of 8.2, I would have given emphasis on Zin’Azshari, it’s Temple of Elune, an artifact that Sylvanas sought and Delaryn.


I’m waiting for something like this for The Eye too.


I don’t expect customizations, I was serious in my post. I wish Blizzard would do something cool, but I know they won’t.

Realistically, we should expect something extremely safe and therefore insignificant like toys. Although it feels downright silly, doesn’t it? You betrayed the Horde… you get to keep Saurfang’s brown cloak. You kept your vow, half of the Horde’s cities are now burning… here’s a locket or something.

I expect my character to die or something if the rebellion succeeds. Otherwise… why have the choice in the game to begin with?

You can represent said death with an undead skin. Would be cool. But also a pipe dream.

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And I was serious in the latter half of my post.
I am glad I chose to be lazy and side with Sylvanas on my NB Hunter, and I did think Sylvanas fans might get to pursue the knowledge that was in the book that Shadow Priests used along with Xal, in Zin’Azshari, in the Temple of Elune, with Delaryn or Velonara, although I wanted the former, since she would have fitted better.

Basically, Saurfang loyalists get a toy, a smaller story, but is more spread across Azeroth’s lands.
Sylvanas fans, get deeper story, that connects with the location and theme of the current patch.


RP on

Don’t worry fellow Horde. I shall bring you the reward you deserve. Death to the horde !

Really, who likes undead anyway ?


With the upgraded models, the Undead should shiver in front of all the Worgen who are coming for their revenge!

Definitely not Worgen or Night elves :smiley:


Sounds fine for me if the Alliance actually get such choices and rewards the next expansion and the horde gets more in the shadow instead. Atleast the horde got an interesting story for this expansion. Can’t wait to actually see it myself when i get my flying to navigate in that horribly designed Island that is zandalar

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Well, the way I view this is that BfA is a semi-revised MoP, only this time, the horde players get choices.
Hell, if this was a thing in MoP, I would never have left Garrosh’s side.

But I digress. The problem the Alliance has is that it is written in a way that is a “perfect faction.” No quarrels to take note of, no splits to view and raise an eyebrow at. Tyrande and Anduin was seemingly a small temporary disagreement which amounted to very little.


Eh, wait for it. They’re likely going to secede from the Alliance and if the rumours are even half true then the factions will just revert to “a bunch of races neutral to each other” or something like that.


i like to play both sides to see the story myself, but ina game with a 2 faction system it would be unfair to give a faction choices and unique rewards like toys for both choices while giving the other none. Sadly such choices dont work exactly well in mmo rpgs anyway.

It would be more interesting however if those choices were actually some sort of poll. Taking the majority choice of all players and actually making that canon in the lore


They could feature new factions, maybe even the big four, giving all the races fixed options which faction they can choose. It could work tbh, but it is very risky.

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For these rumors to work, a total Cata Azeroth revamp would be needed.