So for us Sylvanas Loyalists


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this cero?
(and i dint visit for a day or 2 and now i cant post links or gifs anymore >.>)


well Some of my fav chars are undeath…


Yeah, a lot would have to happen in order for it to work, hence why it is risky, although people would love it (if it was implemented right and I am not sure what the right way is, nor do I think are the devs for 100 %)


I’d kept that eye on two chars then resigned myself to how nothing would likely happen despite the hints that it would. Got fed up of seeing it too so did the curse remove quest. I do now get the occasional strange whisper lots mentioned but wondering if everyone gets that around Nazjatar.

(Kaisena) #25

Ye I get random whispers.

Stuff like , your crimes are endless, glorious etc.

N’zoth prolly bored out of his mind.


No an even bigger one, because it would require some sort of neutral adventures faction so people would not have to wait eternally for bgs dungeons and stuff. Also already existing guilds would be forced to split apart.

I dont remember the source but didnt some blizz guy say this never would happen? Just like it was said there wouldnt be another giant world revamp and they would just do 1 or 2 zones per expansion like they did with darkshore and arathi

(Môe) #27

RP on

Need some help my friend ? i know where she’s hiding.

(Lepanto) #28

I just want the title “True Champion of the Banshee Queen”. And Stormwind in flames.

(Punyelf) #29

I keep doing as asked and going along with the traitors even though I despise them. I cant wait to see what happens. I am worried the Devs have evil i intentions towards our Warchief.

(Môe) #30

I think its all obvious now, don’t expect anything you’ll just get disappointed.

Wait and see™ is not clicking anymore, they say it like there is going to be a continuation and hint its going to be different, then it ends up being the most obvious thing/answer.

Honestly I’ll be surprised if she actually stays alive and keep her spot as warchief.


Would you 1v1 Saurfang if given the chance, Puny?


You havent met the requirement by a long way for links and gifs yet on that char.


I like to see SW burn and for blizz to make IF the alliance capital city .


Forsaken and Sin’Dorei have always been my two favorite factions.
A merging of both would be a dream come true.


At least we don’t have fleas… :smiley:


Welll… There were some “leaks” on fishy sites, which are probably fake, but for sake of fun I’ll just spit what I read.

8.3 (or 8.2.5?) Sylvanas sieges Thunder Bluff, which is also a raid
Nathanos gets killed, Sylvanas captured
N’zoth shows up and both sides suffer great losses, darkness envelops Azeroth
N’zoth aims to bring back Cthun and Yogg, but since they’re both dead, he uses bronze dragonflight to corrupt Nozdormu, and wants to go back to time Cthun was alive to change the past or something.
Big world revamp, gilneas and Lordaeron mainly

Bonus: Tinker class for gnomes, goblins, mechagnomes, gilgoblins, draenei and forsaken

Probably fake, but yeah, fun read.

Pyromancer also read these leaks, and even though he is a massive Sylvanas fan, he also thinks Thunder Bluff thing could be real, as it seems obvious at this point.


Nor humans I don’t like playing with corpses.So I suppose you are into necrophiilia :joy: each to their own thing I guess.


You exist?


No you have maggots


Yeah… And they have fleas… so nevermind…