So for us Sylvanas Loyalists


Smell of putrefaction >> wet dog smell.

(Gatherix) #42

The reward you get for being loyal to Sylvanas is simple. It’s a long drop and sudden stop while she quietly slips away into the shadows.

(Looksmaxxed) #43

We should get a mount. A unique model, store quality textures. Some epic undead stallion, but with more meat on it this time.

Imagines the tears of rebel supporters “but muh honor mount…I was virtue signalling the whole expansion, where’s my participation prize???”


You’ll have to go through me and my boy Thrall, and many others as well. Hell, you’d even have to deal with the Alliance.
I can’t understand anyone who would side against Baine. He’s a damn sweetheart.


Hes a damn alpha is what he is. risks his life for the greater good.

(Nimrhys) #46

My guess is she likes us best, she kills us last.

(Leíá) #47

I would probably count more on a Sin’dorei/Shal’dorei unity.

A true “Highborne” unity of Zin’Azshari descendants and Suramar Elite Magisters


ive been able to post links and such before on this char.


I think Outside me’dan who got 404’d he is the worst wow char along with calia miss holy undead and anduin.


Links yes if from wowhead ,youtube and battlenet. But until you have atleast 50 days visited you wount be able to get other links and gifs .

Its explained here

Atm your not even close.


It will probably end with something like "Thank you champion, you have served your purpose and now I have no further need of you. DIE!!!

(Hínáta) #52

A risen customization would be epic for all horde races.

Red eyes and dead skin for all horde races would be nice.

the Red eyes can even work for the forsaken too.


Probably won’t get anything at all…

The “choices” were just added in the first place to keep the Sylvanas fanboys from going ballistic if they had to act against her.

An interesting idea would be a third faction though. Sylvanas kicking Bolvar from his throne and becoming the Lich Queen for real.
Every character plays through scenarios with choices to join her or stay loyal to the Horde/Alliance.

Storywise it would be interesting at least, but as for gameplay… Eeeeh…

But it won’t happen. It’d be waaaaay too much work to revamp the entire world (again) and balancing three factions as opposed to two factions would be even harder.


Hell no!!! Dont leave the choices to players!!! If players made choices we’d have a Murloc Warchief and an underaged naive little boy for Alliance King!! …oh wait… nevermind…


Can we atleast have a murloc high king for the Alliance then? Pretty please ~~~~~


I honestly don’t think Sylvanas loyalists are going to get anything special or that the decision will even matter in the end. Going with Saurfang is the “canon” choice and that’s why you’re still shoehorned into freeing Baine as a Sylvanas loyalist under the pretense of “pretend.”

(Lepanto) #57

Serious question people. Can Gnome Death Knights be punted further? I mean, you have to take into account they were dead, so they must’ve lost some weight?



living gnomes are more aerodynamic than a walking bag of bones

(Lepanto) #59

You are correct to add aerodynamics into the equation. However, Are you tanking into account the fact that grabbing the ribs gives a firmer grip and thus you may excercise more power to the throw?


True gentlemen have no fleas.