So I did it


I resubbed and braced myself for a huge queue… I chose the Nethergarde keep server and got right into the game - no queue.

People have been so lovely and chatty and if this continues my faith in WoW will have been restored. I am enjoying myself, and really appreciating everything :slight_smile:


I’m actually wondering if they’ve fixed something… I logged back in an hour or so ago and got in immediately. Literally took like 4 seconds to enter the world. Had no disconnections or lag spikes.
Unfortunately the chat wasn’t as nice as yours. I’d post screens, but it’s so vulgar I’d probably get banned.
Glad to hear you’re having fun!




Oh my god, finally.


Lol, it’s been a day. Have some patience.


None of the servers had a queue as of few minutes ago when I tested. Will see tomorrows peak time.


Same here, WoW Classic feels exactly the same as 14 years ago for me. One thing - can someone erase my memory about WoW so I can re-discover all the stuff again? :smiley:

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