So many bad tanks in m+ this week


I know its an unpopular opinion and we should all bow to our tank overlords who deign to carry us through dungeons but this week really does show the difference between good and bad, even at low levels before quaking comes into effect and the dps end up killing the tank.


So what exactly is your point here? I failed to understand the true meaning behind this post…

(Maerlin) #3

I noticed this too haha

Last week every grp i had was doing good, this week a disaster


So many bad players in general this week

Tanks not using defensives
Healers getting outhealed by tank
Dps dealing 11k sustain

(Dejarous) #5

Are you implying that a tank getting gibbed constantly by dps that won’t spread makes a “bad tank”?

I mean, you expect a certain damage intake as a tank and pop CD’s accordingly. If you suddenly get hit for that +60% of your health because your dps occasionally turn into stealth bombers how are you a “bad tank”?

It’s group responsibility but since you’re just a dps nobrain its probably a concept too far for you.

(Lepanto) #6

I see you are a Warrior. Respecc Prot and show them. Easy.

Btw this week’s affixes are not too hard for tanks. They do take a bit of planning from the tank but that’s really about it. Knowing where you’re going to drop pools ahead makes it way easier.

Quaking affects DPSers and healers way more than tanks after all.

(Chocoh) #7

Anyone else seeing a trend of tanks outhealing healers now? Same happened late into legion with increased stats. My pally tank and guardian can easily average 20-25k self heals now over an entire dungeon run.

(Kaelgar) #8

I was easly outhealing our healers ToV > NH as BDK. I think the holy trinity balance is bonkers in WoW currently, and stats are a mess.

(Chocoh) #9

Yeah fully agree with this. Don’t even get me started on main stats. For 6 of my charas, 5 of them have main stat as the absolute worst stat to go for. Sucks when a 120 str gem is 2x worse then a 50 haste gem lol.

(Dejarous) #10

I mean, it really depends. If its a pull heavy on tank damage then sure, its normal for a tank to outheal the healer. Then the healer should be dpsing if possible.

If its a big aoe damage pull then tanks shouldn’t be outhealing healers.


Your mastery as guardian increases healing recieved, although that extra healing your healers give count as your own healing

Just pointing that out lol


I find that the pugs have a harder time to succeed this week than last. The rail ratio is like 50%, and from my perspective it is very dps dependant how the dungeons go. With that I mean that if the combined DPS is low, some of the more dangerous pulls and mechanics go through more often, and requires good placement/handling for a longer period of time. This is where they often fail.

With that said, the combination of sanguine + quaking + void heavy week + fortified really makes trashpacks into potential wipe fests this week. The combined damage of heavy hitting trash packs + quaking stacks + void touched bang can easily wipe a party.

(Ishayu) #13

You can lay the blame at both here.

They’re not stealth bombers, they’re literally standing on top of you for several seconds, possibly even chasing you. You can see this coming and you can pop a defensive. Ideally you don’t have to, of course, but you absolutely can.

Obviously DPS should stop standing on the tank, and most times they can just not do that, which is why it’s often the DPS’s fault, but it’s not always that simple depending on where the tank positions the mobs. If he decides to put them in a narrow alleyway, then DPS are going to be forced hit the tank or each other, and that would be the tank’s fault.

Things are always a little more complicated than it appears. Tanks tend to ride this wave of invulnerability because of their importance to the group, but tanks positioning themselves poorly is just running into enemy fire and taking tons of unnecessary damage is a sign of a bad tank, and there are loads of those around, too!

And, of course, any tank that leaves mobs in Sanguine for long is just plain bad. Period. You can’t blame anybody else for that.


The truth was spoken.


Quake plus sanguine is horrible, yes, but people are to selfish. Relying on rio, for stats, and what not. Perhaps have a good time? Help improve yourself, and others. I miss the type of games where people actually would do that. XD

(Shammoz) #16

I heard Dejarous had a meeting with Blizzard last night and this happened…


I wonder how much tanking experience do you actually have. cause i dont remember having an unused defensive with a CD same as quaking which heals/prevents 60% hp loss.

if you have defensives regularly unused or used non oprimatily that a bigger flaw imo.


This week actually shows how dependent a tank is on the rest of the group with some affix combinations. Even Necrotic most tanks can fix on their own, hence the relatively easy week last week. But now every single one in the group has to think ahead and know the drill.

And well, some parts are plain and simple dps-checks. Void-touched too long up with a tiny corner to hide and quaking? Poof, vanished group.

(Ishayu) #19

I tanked Mythic Jaina Proudmoore on a Guardian Druid.

Having defensive cooldowns unused is not a mistake. Tank cooldowns are not like DPS cooldowns. You use them to smooth out damage or remove spikes - you don’t use them to just skim a little damage off here and there.

The size of the pull should also not entirely depend on how much you can tank, but also if there are mobs that work together in nasty ways to kill players outside your control.

And yes, I know there are all sorts of minute optimisations that you can make where DPS making this kind of mistake is really bad, but that’s not a PuG group in which you don’t know how good the DPS players even are. I play differently depending on who I play with, and this thread is about those kinds of groups.

(Varileztra) #20

yea, balance is a mess again.
Had the one and the other tank already, who just healed himself, didn’t have to do anything at all to him, just dps’d because he just sustained himself.