So No Realm Transfer Then - Thanks A Lot

Guess I’m not playing with friends at TBC launch since I can’t transfer 5k gold (a blue post informed this change would be active now) away from the toxic server I’m on. Are players really supposed to leave behind gold they spent a lot of time accumulating on a server they’ll never play again? Or are they supposed to boost a character on the toxic server, put the gold on that character, then realm transfer another 2k? Think I’ve just discovered the shameless money making scheme at play.

How are you sure the transfer cap is 2k ? They said it will be raised to 5k, is it confirmed that only 2k can go through ? I’m transfering as well…

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Their website shows the gold transfer limit, I’ll link below. I also tried to transfer today multiple times and it shows an error that I have over 2k gold and it needs to be addressed.

Edit: Here’s the blue post too:

I was able to transfer all my 3 chars with 5k gold each just now, i got curious when i tried the option in the ingame shop and it went through to payment without getting any error, so later I risked it anyway to see what would happen on 1 of my alts first, and it worked. all my 3 chars with my 15k gold total are now transferred.

I guess the supportpage has wrong/old info there.

Yeah I found this out from another forum user and managed to transfer with 4999g instead of 5000g. Couldn’t believe it worked, I thought he was trolling. Wish Blizzard would have made this more clear, caused such grief on my end. Their website team obviously were not informed or implemented the changes correctly on their site.

Edit: It was Roguechungus, big up him!

My friend had this problem, he bought some stuff from auction house with 2k and sold it in a new server, do some digging what might sell this close to the launch. Remember that you transfer your inventory and bank as well, items have monetary value too.

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