So no revenge for Night Elves, I guess


Instead we get to see our leaders turn into worthless morons who fail at Strategy 404. Whoop dee doo.

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Blah blah blah Darkshore warfront blah blah blah dead val’kyr yada yada Major Night Elf fistbump moment blah blaaaah night warrior.

But you already got it, duuuuuuh! (according to Blizz)


At least you get leaders. And REALLY powerful ones to boot. Horde get underpowered ones that are regularly killed off and only occasionally replaced.


What’s the point of having powerful leaders if they don’t do anything? Jaina is the only one doing something. She killed Rastakhan. Earlier at Lordaeron she turned the tides of the battle in the Alliance’s favour for a time. But that’s it. She’s back to her Warcraft III spineless self who is afraid to win the war because “muh civilians”.

Give me Jaina summoning a giant blizzard that wrecks Orgrimmar’s city centre, while coldly saying “This is for Theramore, greenskin”. Now THAT would satisfy me.

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I mean, the Alliance got reduced to a moronic damsel in distress, which had to be bailed out of an obvious trap at the Undercity by Jaina turning into the flying Dutchman.

Somehow, no one saw the blight coming, including the King who’s country was buried in it. I get it you have it rough, but there is literally no faction pride in team blue. None. Zero.

Ps. Especially not among our leaders.


Don’t worry - there isn’t horde-side either. That at least has faction parity.

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You have my sympathies, in misery over BFA, both factions are united…


Whaa… you mean to tell me that there is no faction pride left in the Alliance? Gee, I totally didn’t see that coming after our main protagonist went back to fangirling over Thrall.

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I mean Teldrassil is quite literally called genocide by Anduin in Elegy

“Oh but it wasn’t because there are still Night Elves alive”

uh huh


So many of you should be ashamed of yourselves !
In the Novel Elegy Anduin comments on Teldrassil as if it was a genocide, later Tyrande states that there are barely any Night Elves left in world. The burning of Teldrassil will forever be a horrible mistake and atrocity committed by the Horde, stop kidding yourself and trying to justify it.
The Scenario with the Ascension of Tyrande gave the Night Elves hope and respite, they clearly did not get their revenge, but they started to fight back and give the Horde some beat down…We have to wait and see.


Where is Varian? Have you seen him?
He went missing…

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Who is that person behind supposed to be?


I lol’ed.

OT: Although I get the sentiment that since we’ve witnessed a lot of the actual event itself; it is super unsatisfying that we as players might not get the closure on the storyline we want. Or get to experience it firsthand, like we did not experience the actual leading up/escalation of the conflict, it seems that eventhough we do not experience it ingame, the lore does continue outside the World of Warcraft. Closure on the storyline might just come in the form of a novel oslt.


And where did you read that there is “payback” for everything everyone does?

Did the WoW package mention anywhere that it will live up to your political correctness opinions?

Isnt the name WARcraft?


Ofc. But a war should not only be one sided


Right cause War is fair? :joy:


Currently everything the horde does against the alliance is unjustified while alliance attacking the horde is justified because of the atrocities horde have committed. It currently just feels like horde can do to the alliance whatever they want and they never get any payback from the alliance. The same thing happened in MoP (although on a smaller scale) with theramore and the alliance siding with the horde at the end helping them to get rid of their corrupt warchief.

I mean I don’t see how it’s fun for horde players basically playing as the bad guys, I don’t even know if old gods or horde are worse at this point (sylvanas horde mostly)


Yeah and we can keep going back and account how the original Alliance of Lordaeron (so Alliance) were pretty much responsible for allowing Arthas to happen and Medivh opened the DarkPortal and invited the Orcs.

Each part has their fair share of sht done! Dont be narrow-sighted

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You want to play that game? Should we go back to Blackhands and Gul’dans Horde as well? They are the Horde after all. I mean the name Orgrimmar doesn’t come from nowhere.

Please…just stop with this stupid crap. “isN’T tHe nAmE WArCrafT?!”


I merely demonstrated how its pointless to reach a conclusion before the scenario is unfolded. For example: in WTOTLK alliance and Horde and argent crusade and Dks united and defeated Arthas.

It took like 2 years of story to sum that sentence up. Th scenario is there, it wont change if nelfs complain, so let it unfold.

We can argue about this n that but throwing blame doesnt work when u lack the information of the complete scenario.