So, question about werebear form

(sorry my poor english)
I knew Legion’s mage tower was first gave “werebear” form skin for druid

But, my druid dont have unlock from mage tower. Since I’m scared it’s hard and scale level and gears.

Well, in emerald dream new werebear froms.
Is my druid can learn this werebear form wihout unlock from mage tower ,right? Or cant?
Ago emerald dream’s world boss, one werebear was here. Dont drop skin for my druid.

Yes, you can unlock it just by getting a drop from the world boss in Emerald Dream.

The drop rate is low, so you might want to make several druid alts to try several times each week.

I got the runebear form on attempt 28! ^^
(i got 7 druids, 1 of each race)

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Mage tower is super easy nowadays, so I would give it a couple of tries. You can check my profile, I am a pretty casual player and got it.

As for ED one, got it on last week. Farmed only with 1 char.

Is werebear’s color white/blonde/black/brown easy get?
If I right heard Fel form really harder.

I dont fan fel form. But natural colors look pretty for me

Unfortunately only the fel one is up for grabs from Mage Tower, unless you have the base form of the werebear.

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Its not that hard at all, I complete them in Legion, new timed walking version is nerfed version of that. And completed them on pure trial and error no guide readed.

Yes it will require you to wipe until you lean what you need to do in each phase…after this you just engage and complete. Its fun even, look to this at positive way when you wipe there is no “smartie” in grp who gonna act there is end of the world, and make drama, just take your time and its yours.

Where are you from?

I don’t see how this comment will benefit OP in any way at all?
edit: as in… what’s easy for some, might be hard for another.

Why does that matter?

It’s the only werebear you can get if you didn’t play in legion, the other option is Runebear that is just a rare drop from the world boss. Best of luck :slight_smile:

theres tons of guide on youtube and wowhead if you want to try the mage tower for the fel bear. Practice the mechanics, bring some consumeables to make the fight easier, and best of luck :slight_smile:

Legion mage tower is another attempt of community to trick blizzard into gieving them something they not deserve, let me explain

During legion those tower wasnt that easy, people needed to put efford to make them, because obviously blizzard want those skins to feel unique not evry monkey to wear it, they wanted some degree of skill behind the skin…

So legion passed out, and people whined like this “We are pro if only blizzard can restore legion tower so we can get skins” “we are skilled we for sure own the tower” "wow players evovolve ( they evolve baboon buut, but ok)

Than blizzard returned legion mage tower to them, then pleas for nerfs started, instead just to put efford in it… my opinion anyone who commit can complete them, if you cannot commit to master them, then you not deserve loot, why people whine that it is hard than? (this not reffers to OP), for him I can offer any tip I can, but generaly mage tower is all about try and error until you master it enough to complete

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Haha, no way. People who didn’t have ‘skill’ just asked their guildie to log-on for 10 minutes or pay 20 bucks on a random site for someone to do it for them. That’s the beautify of having no grind and just needing to win a scripted event, just once.

Then at the end of the expansion they let your artifact power overclock so hard you could cheeze through it so everyone could move to the next chapter feeling content, satisfied and good about themselves.

Not saying it didn’t require skill at the start (unless you exploited the day one bugs, aka High Lord), but Mage Tower was mostly just a marketing gimmick advertising a time limited event. Which is 100% okay, an MMORPG that requires monthly subscription should have those and motivate people to collect and play when it’s current.

again, your comment about it was easy for you, doesn’t benefit him in any way, that was my point. Nothing else.

Wdym they were hard? Closer to end of legion they were piss easy, due to overgearing and just ramming through. Sure in the beginning, but I mean… last patch with all the gear, it was a walk in the park

I agree that it should be difficult, so that only a certain % of people will get it, that’s part of why things like that are so special when you do get them. I don’t have the mage tower forms myself, never bothered to try but I must admit I do like that Felbear so I’m gonna be having a pop at it. If I get it great cos I’ll have earned it, if I don’t get it then fair enough, will just have to accept I wasn’t good enough to get it but that is way more preferable than just anybody and everybody being able to get it.

If i remember correctly there was no overgearer… they downscaled your gear, like CM dungeons during Warlords of Draenor… Only way you can “buff” yourself with gear was to get pieces with sockets, because sockets didnt scale…but it was very small bonus wont help you if you not stick to mechanic, it was just edge.

Loot hiden behind efford = loot worth of respect, something to brag, something which feels good.
Loot which is easy to get = worthless stuff, we all have full bags of those worthless easy to get mounts, no matter how good they look no one ride them, reason is because evry monkey has them, so they worth nothing.

Its part of perosnal WoW hygiene, people buy boosts like bread in store, thats why we have army of gladiators which cannot grind 1500 ratting themself, its just sad that boosting services makes some ingame prestigeous titles robed of respect and impact… In PvP people know which seasons was buy boost season, so when guy say im glad during XY season, and you alredy smell roten fish stench in the air, it even become a good tool to check guy asap if he buyed a boost.

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Obtaining special mounts was always a grind of one form or another, the old Wintersabers in Winterspring was a monumental, repetitive chore that only the few sadists that got them, truly deserved them. Others like the Water Strider in MOP, took me weeks upon weeks of almost constant fishing to get that, then an expansion or 2 later I’m sure they just started giving them away or something and made all the effort kinda pointless. Other special mounts from dungeons/raids were a grind as well, some people have done those 100’s of times and never gotten the mount they were going for, that’s just the way it is, and should be.

Bottom line is:
Even if artist create Michelangelo Buonarroti degree beautiful mount and let evry monkey have it its WORTHLESS and no one will ride it, it will be just another number into people bags, and wasted talent and time of artist.

In other hand if you have mount which rare and very few can get it, even if its most ugly mount in world people will ride it.

Which bring me to conclusion that loot must be hidden behind efford, otherise that loot is meaningless addition for your already overbloated collection. In short its WORTHLESS, rarity is only thing which gief stuff in wow a value. Otherwise stuff is not worth a mention.

Maybe, though ‘effort’ can be explained in several ways. Using money to buy something also means ‘effort’ depending on how easy it was for the person to spend money. A better term might just be limited availability, for whatever reason.

It also works if it’s a really common mount, but only you think it’s cool so nobody else uses it. Which does happen now we’re over the 1000th mount.

I think the main issue with Druid forms is that basically you only have 7 tastes with slight recolors. It’s just horrible when you’re trying to play as some epic champion and there are 5 guys who are exact copies of you every single instance, the only difference being the name tag. You feel like a trash mob.

People who transmog armor/weapon can avoid that issue, as you can make over a million unique combinations. There should always be something you like that isn’t too common.

Might of Grizzlemaw is neat in that it not only looks awesome, but the amount of people using it will only get less and less. The fel bear and the rune bear are already ruined by over use.

I’m wondering when they actually start customizing bear forms as you do with moonkins and dragon mounts now. I’d also love it if they allowed cats/bears a transmog hat or something.

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I would love the option of self customisation, picking your own colours and markings etc, like you can with your cow (or whatever race) form. Normal transmogs really don’t interest me too much, I have never actively done dungeons or anything else looking for transmog gear as I’m 90% of the time in bear or cat form anyway, makes sense I think to let us customise our other forms.

Add that to allowing us to go out and find an animal we like, and take on it’s form and possibly even some of it’s abilities, that would hopefully give a more diverse range of each druid spec, just to add a bit of variety and flavour to the class.

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Such a big fomo lover. I don’t see why new people shouldn’t be given a chance to get it. You can always tune and tweak instances to make it exactly the same as it was, to have a chance to obtain it, if blizzard wanted to implement it. Me personally, more than happy to share.
I don’t get triggered or bothered seeing anyone else using something I have. But we agree to disagree.
edit: all in all, is just a game, pixels on a screen.

Got no problem with certain skins being very difficult to obtain.

What is completely unjustifiable is the complete removal of the skins and making them literally impossible to obtain anymore.

No reason they cannot implement a new type of challenge in order to obtain the old skins.