So the game picked a main for me

No, because a +15 titanforge would never, under any circumstances, account for 5% or 7% of my total throughput in a raid encounter. And some of these corruption effects are capable of doing that and they do that completely passively, without me having to do anything. In fact, in many cases a +15 titanforged item would be a downgrade to what I was already wearing because no matter what Ion Hazzikostas claims, efficient gearing is not as simple as just slapping on the highest ilvl.

Indeed, no one is forcing me to do anything. I could just as well cleanse all my items and go raiding on my paladin. But at this point, raiding on my paladin with a 10k dps penalty feels like I am doing a disservice to my guild. You might not feel this way, but when I go raiding with my guild, I bring my A games because not bringing my A game is, to be frank, rude to the other people in the group and inconsiderate of their time and effort.

If I go on my paladin and we have a sub 1-2% wipe on a boss, or we wipe because we missed a couple hundred k damage on Maut’s Obsidian Shatter phase… Those wipes are on me because I have made the decision to play in a subpar fashion. Because if I came on my druid and everyone, inlcuding me, played on the same exact level, that pull would have been a kill. You might not feel that way. You might be in your raid just chilling not even being flasked. You might not even be raiding anything for all I know and you have no concept of what I am talking about. But I would feel terrible in that situation.

Well, there are a few things that i can counter very easily but ill let them slide. (1 or 2% wipes dont come down to your personal corruption effects or the lack there off) Especially not since we are talking millions of boss health in Nyalotha.

And my point was:
Not investing more time in the character you want to play wont make it better in the long run.

Corruption and the different tiers they provide are a means to an end and i feel like they are the new way of nerfing content.
It is the whole Heart of Azeroth discussion again. Even low end guilds did require lvl 39 or 48 or whatever it was for the new raid tier so you could use the azerite traits as soon as you acquired them.

Although Blizzard was very clear that these traits and the HoA levels were meant as a catch up and to make content easier for the struggling guilds and thats why the final one is a straight up ilvl increase and increase in the traits.

Corruption works in a similar fashion.
Any ‘‘higher’’ ranked guild on WoW progress might run with 50-80 corruption depending on healers / set up etc.
Where lower end guilds will probably ask you to run only ‘‘major’’ corruption effects with 30-50 corruption.

Leaving a character you like to play behind after 6 or 7 days of the new items being obtainable is just a really bad call in my mind and you shouldnt worry too much about it and just play whatever you enjoy.

The gear will come overtime, or did you expect to log in on 8.3 patch day, open your mailbox and find all the corruption you want or need for the paladin to be in there?

I run M+ on 2 tanks currently and one of them is getting the ‘‘good’’ tank corrupted items and the other one is dealing with some minor corruption items.

Yet this doesnt stop me from playing both and even favouring the one with lesser corruption because i like the playstyle more.

I do understand your sentiment and do not think that my guild did not notice my (lack of) corruption. But RNG is not my fault and guild, if believe, that it is my fault can bench me. Luckily my guild can make difference between random generated problem and player problem. My problem is my low neck (75 vs others 78-79), but 0 corruption is not MY problem.

I do M+, I do assaults, i do visions, I raid, but before falls the sky I equip item with ‘gain more haste of all sources’, considering without said items my versa and haste are higher regardless.

So … corruption is game problem, not my problem and I am not going to feel bad because I did not luck out. And if my guild feels I am responsible for enraged boss, then what am i going to do ? I could tank on my ‘alt’ with infinite stars, but being only monk they would miss out 5% debuff.

Corruption is as it is and I do not burden myself with it. Not worth it.

People really need to get out of the:

  • OMG new patch day and i dont have BiS items yet so i will get benched mentality.

Because that is simply not how this all works and how the encounters are designed or balanced in the first place.
So please, play the game and enjoy it and the gear will come.

IF the guild you are in, is benching you or not giving you a shot because: omg you didnt get good corruption, you are in the wrong guild.

No one is benching me. I never said anything about being benched. I am in an extremely chill guild ATM, I could pretty much raid on any character I’d like. The bank alt might be a bit of stretch but I think I could pull it off if I had a couple days to prepare. This is not a problem of me being hard prohibited to play what I like to play. I played Paladin with a bunch of the same people in Dazar Alor. No one would call me out for playing my Paladin on progression. It’s not that kind of guild. I would still feel sh*tty doing that though, because at this point, it feels like the wrong choice, both mathematically and socially, to play something obviously subpar in a group setting.

The guild kicking me or the raid team benching me is not the issue. Not having bis items on Day 1 is not the issue either, I never said that either. The issue is the acquisition method of corrupted gear souring an otherwise solid system and I have explained the issue multiple times to you already, with your only response that’s even remotely on topic being ‘I could explain to you why you are wrong but I won’t’. Either you seriously lack reading comprehension skills and decided to just latch onto the thread title and ignore everything else, or you are only interested stroking your ego by playing Mr. High-and-Mighty complaining about kids-these-days’ mentality rather than joining into the discussion with any relevant points.

I replied with all the tips and tricks and told you that:

swapping a character after 6 days not having certain corrupted items is a bad mindset.

And you are putting way too much empahsis on the whole system.
Maybe its you who lacks reading comprehension rather than me.

We are not six days into the corruption system. The patch released on the 15th of January. We are three weeks into the system.

‘Just ignore it’ is neither a tip nor a trick. Neither are snide remarks about feeling entitled to BiS gear for logging in, if you took a minute to read what I have written or checked my characters yourself, you would know that in the last three weeks I have invested equal time and effort into both characters and the amount of time and effort invested is not inconsequential, and yet the gap in power between the two characters is massive. THAT IS THE ISSUE. Not that I’m being benched from my guild, not that I’m entitled to bis gear, not whether or not anyone can play whatever they want, not anything else you are nitpicking or taking out of context or flat out putting into my mouth.

Please explain why we should not be putting emphasis on the corruption system. The system that is able to provide you with 5-7% player power increases via completely random chance rolls and is therefore magnitudes more egregious than Titanforging ever was and only comparable to Legion Legendaries in their release state. I am beginning to think you simply don’t understand how the system works, I checked both you and your guild on Armory but decided to give you the benefit of doubt, I guess that might have been a mistake.

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Psst… check the achievements…

Once again: you expected a ton of ‘‘good’’ corruption gear already even tho it is as random as titanforging or warforging.
Is it required at all? no, its a nice bonus to have.

And yes it is an amazing increase in player power. But you are making it out to be your paladin is totally useless.

Yes, it is bad you soaked equally amount of time in both, but 1 more week to play on your paladin and the tables might have turned since thats how RNG ‘‘can’’ work.

I post on my hunter simply because i want too, i know what i am talking about and have been raiding for years, i run M+ on a '‘high lvl"’ and enjoy the content on 2 of my characters (which you would have noticed: are classes with a tank specialization since i wanted to be clear about the experiences i had with corruption)

You are talking about the corruption and the uses it has for raiding and your ‘‘disability’’ due to lacking said corruption and holding your guild back, okay in that case i am a few days off.

However the raid is just open for 10 days or so. And i am saying this because pre-raid corruption items are good and sim well, but are trumped by ilvl pieces without corruption if we talk 460 or higher ilvl due to stats being more important than.

I never said this straight up, i said:

Play the character you want to play and dont bother too much about corruption right now, it will come over time.
Either from raid bosses or group content or the weekly assault or any other source of gear basically.

And swapping a character just because of some ‘‘better’’ corrupted items is in my eyes still a bad call if you dont enjoy the game as much as you do on the paladin.

Moving away from the paladin now and ‘‘making’’ your druid your main due to its current corruption pieces doesnt solve your problem at all.

The paladin will just get behind and lack or lose out on chances to get better corruption gear because you will: bother less with M+ or raiding or whatever since it doesnt have the proper corruption pieces at this moment, only 10 or 12 days into the whole patch.

So i stay with my original posts and remarks that i have made in this thread so far.

And nobody is forcing you to play the druid because it had a bit more luck with RNG.
It sure can be annoying but i wont let my fun be ruined because my DK has a few items with better corruption than my warrior. (and i prefer playing my warrior currently)

But i guess you wont believe that, since i am not going to link any armory or even bother to link it.

TL/DR: The corruption system isnt making you play whatever has the highest or best corruption gear, if you wanna min max it like that, thats your own choice.

Changes coming! So corruption effects arent so powerful anymore!


cant help agreeing with you here. being made obsolete from day 1 for being the only tank (inc backup tanks) that didnt get a specific staff that taked thier dps from around 20/30k to over 100k :frowning:

Well your busy in normal and heroic the people talking to you are infact raiding Mythic and offering you advice if your going to be obtuse to people who are raiding at a higher level and longer then you why post on the forums .


Might want to read .

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The mythic raiders in this thread have been both impressingly pedagogic and patient. Me, a little LRF scrub these days, agree because I played long enough to know how the game works, what will come and later pass - while OP is still comparably new. Sorry for salty but I just had to…

So you make a post complaining about some char getting better gear than another one and you somehow think this is definitive regarding that char having an insurmountable edge over another one. Sure.

Ilvl cap in M+ is highly relevant as if you really are serious about gearing up it’s only after this has been lifted you’ll really spam those M+. Since M+ is probably the best source of gear and corrupted gear is attainable there, your doing more M+ runs will make you get a lot more corrupted gear -> your main will end up getting way better gear 99% of the time.

I mean, c’mon mate, just play what you like and gear will follow?

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So we have a new loot system and the dev team has repeatedly stated they are looking for feedback on it for going forward in Shadowlands, and making a thread with feedback that is backed up by character examples is ‘gtfo LFR scrub whining about being entitled to BiS gear’.

Thank you for reminding me why it’s pointless to come on the forums, won’t make the mistake again.

BTW, Twilight Devastation ring in my druid’s M+ cache today, versatility on taking damage in the paladin’s box.

I understand your anecdotal evidence is important to you. And again I stand behind the final statement “play what you like gear will follow”.

In the short run RNG might cause scenarios like the one you’ve experienced. In the long run your most played char will have better gear + corruptions.

I have far better corruptions on my hunter, my priest got an absolutely horrid leech 470 ring, and my main is still hoping for a good corruption to drop.

However, the system is fun and Blizzard is not being shy about fine tuning it.


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Badge of Justice, please come back :cry:

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And ? My herber took bis pants with best corruption (yes, my herber does M+ too occasionally, because I am bored) and my raider took… what she took… ‘glimpse of clarity’ … she is a bloody brew monk with no need for this corruption,. It gives her nothing.

I am going to still go in a raid with my monk, and not my herber.

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Play what you like, not what the math tells you.

I think a lot of people would find more enjoyment if they didn’t focus so much on numbers and rankings.

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Claiming you are pushed into another character because of corrupted gear after 3 weeks of the system being live isnt called feedback.

Your post also lacks other things which are needed to give proper feedback:

  • suggestion for change
  • issues you are coming across and which are shared by many people.

So far, your post and replies show nothing of the above and are all based on only your personal experience.

I once again stand with the original post i made:
Play what you like and the things you need will come.

Be that:

  • HoA level
  • Corrupted Gear
  • Upgraded legendary cloak
  • etc etc.

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