So what are the positive selling points of DF

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Been a year since I played and I barely made use of the free weekend (just saw how quickly they catapult you in the dragon isles, call it a day and already ask you the usual « kill X mobs / click on this or that »).

Besides dragonriding, what has changed compared to Legion/BFA/Craplands ?

Is the outdoor content more lively ? More than just daily quests transformed into Word Quests ? Like events similar to Guild Wars 2.

Did they add more stuff to make the casual/mid-core audience more entertained and the game less of a lobby-game with only raids/Maze+ in mind ?

All I know is that they added the Trading Post which seems like a cool addition, not a fan of the FOMO but it is what it is I guess.

Oh and one last question if anyone can reply, is fury Warrior still better overall for PvE than Arms ?

Thanks !

yes and no.

they did launch 2 open world events, however i wouldnt say its more lively anymore, maybe with forbidden reachs released, but u know how it is, open world content livens up and dies back down when everyone returns to end game progression

No, Raids and M+ Are still the end core pillars of PvE, they’ve allowed crafting to get closer to end game ilevel, but past that not really.

no Arms is now the better DPS End game wise


  • No Titanforge / Warforging
  • No Borrowed Powers
  • No Enforced content (Alike Isles etc etc)
  • No pathfinder to fly.
  • Game doesnt punish u for not logging on every day.

WoW will never be able to replicate what GW2 open world achieved im afraid, same as GW2 will never be able to replicate WoWs end game, they both make sacrifices to retain their visions.


Oh I’m no fan of GW2 but I found the map events to do decent and entertaining.

Thanks for the reply !

That’s a good reply, but the answer to

is not “yes and no”. It’s just “no”. There is no “yes”. There is no metric by which the open world is livelier.

They added 3 “events”. You will do each once a week.

  1. Feast: stand around a pot with others for 15 minutes while the cook make a pot of soup, and do 5 tasks for him (now nerfed to 2 + saying “Yes, chef” 3 times.) You can get your reward and leave after that if you want, in which case you will be there for 3-4 minutes. Scheduled every 90 minutes.

  2. Siege: gather with others at a starting point. Follow the cart into the bad guys’ place. Kill some stuff on the way. Go into the Keep and kill the leader. Scheduled every 2 hours.

  3. Grand Hunt: do essentially 7 quests in a small area to hunt what you are told. I have never got a useful reward on 4 toons, but I’m told it is possible.

In exchange for adding these three “events”, Blizzard removed about 85% of World Quests, and organising and reward systems like Callings or Emissaries.

So the only correct answer to the question is “NO. HELL, NO!”

I made a thread about it here:

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You said they can be done once a week, you mean if you repeat them in the same week they won’t offer rewards or just massively nerfed loot/currency?

Ty for your reply too btw, I really appreciate ppl helping a fellow to see what’s currently going on in the game

Not that they CAN be done once a week. They can be done as often as you want, so long as you catch them on their schedule.

Each offers a reward chest.

The first reward chest of the week is shown as Epic quality, and might contain one quest reward that is an upgrade for you. In fact, after your first couple of days, these will likely be your only weekly source of upgrade gear.

When you do it a second time, you get a Rare quality chest item, that might contain one quest reward that almost certainly will not be an upgrade for you.

Third time, Green quality and guaranteed trash.

The padding in the rewards from the chests consists of “Dragon Isles Supplies”, which are used mostly to buy cosmetic gear from the four factions, and small amounts of rep tokens.

Ah I see, thanks for the info. I’ll probably wait a few patches or next expac to see how things keep up.

You can look at the reaction in 3 days! 10.0.7 arrives at reset.

There is a new outdoor zone coming, and a new solo sorta-dungeon, like Torghast

But the solo sorta-dungeon, the Zskera Vaults, is all about getting and putting gems into, one ring, which seems an awful waste. I dunno. I have deliberately kept off the PTR.

It might change things.

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