So what exactly is going on with Lordaeron?

Is the city still drowned in blight, or perhaps has the blight dissipated a little? Are any of the major powers thinking of resettling in the city? What is the current situation of this once grand capital of mankind?

I truly do hope that Lordaeron is eventually cleansed of the filth and rebuilt as a shining beacon of hope and unity, as it once was before Arthas destroyed it and Sylvanas nuked its remains.

Lordaeron deserves better:

It’s drowned in blight. Voss made it clear that the Forsaken intend to resettle in Tirisfal as soon as possible.

If that’s a hint that we’re getting Undercity back or it’s just random talks, I have no idea.

Keep dreaming.


Thing is that Lordaeron will never be what it was before anyway…


If you want the Undercity back, you have some problems. Why would you want to live in a lurid, filthy sewer instead of an actual city? Being a zombie doesn’t give you the right to smell like crap and not take care of yourself.

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I would love for them to revamp Lordaeron and turn it into a gothic fortress. But I’ll take the sewers, better than nothing. Not to mention that I grew fond of the green slime in all these years of playing undead. It’s quite cozy :smiley:

I’ll have you know that my undead is dressed up nice and uses perfume all the time. My peers are not so entertained by my habits though. They think I’m too… sentimental :smiley:


Recent book (Shaw & Flinn adventures) mentions that it’s not as bad as before, but exploring lower levels of Undercity is still not an option.

No info. We have Turalyon wondering if more of older alliance territories could be secured. We have Voss wishing to retake Undercity (Shadows Rising). We have Calia (and to a degree Anduin) hoping to reunite the living and the undead (Shadowlands pre-patch). We’ll see where it goes.

IMO the synergy between Stratholme (if it’s fixable) and Silvermoon positions it way too good to ignore.

gl hf

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I don’t want Stratholme. Plaguelands never felt like home. As an old time player, this area has been a very unfriendly, annoying place to be in. The thought of having the Forsaken city there doesn’t feel right.

Why not? It’s one of true ex-Lordaeron cities, of great importance for trading and naval activities, with good natural defences, and plenty of ex-scourge to recruit and use their resources. Plus, it’s right on the path to Silvermoon, so it’s good to reinforce each other should such need even appear.

Undercity on the other hand, has… nostalgia.
But it’s a good political card if played carefully.

gl hf

The whole area would need a revamp and we would have to deal with phasing again. I don’t know how would they make it work tbh.

The only good thing out of it would be that Gilneas might finally be a player area since the Forsaken would be out of Silverpine.

That’s disgusting, you know that green slime is like the vomit/bile of a giant maggot, right? Gross.

Chromie time saves the day.

gl hf

I hate Chromie time tbh, but yes, that would be the only way.

I’m a walking, putrid corpse. Maggots are my friends.

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You know, if I think about it, giving Silverpine to Worgens and moving the Forsaken to Plaguelands might be a good move after all.

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Southshore, Shadowfang and Fenris Isle are under Alliance control too as of the end of BfA, as said in the Exploring Azeroth book.

The ideal would be that Blizzard revamps the old world before rebuilding Lordaeron.

Imagine the rebuilt city in the video I posted, but three times larger. Look at how large Boralus is, now imagine how big Lordaeron must have been lorewise. Since Lordaeron was by far the largest human city pre-WoW, as the capital of the Alliance of Lordaeron. It was described as an actual metropolis. But sadly due to in-game limitations it is very small.

The problem is that a lot of great cities and castles are cramped in very close to each other in that part of the eastern kingdoms, and if they were all to be rebuilt, and scaled up to how they were described in the lore, Ol’ Lordaeron would become pretty crowded right quick.

I would love to see a rebuilt Eastern kingdoms with Both Lordaeron city, Gilneans city, Stromgarde, Stratholme, Fenris, Shadowfang and Dunholde -Keep, Heartglen and Andorhal, Menethil Harbour, maybe even Alterac and an expansion/revamp of Aerie Peak, but there would practically be nothing left but cityscape between Quel’Thalas and Kaz Modan.

I agree, it really needs a revamp. A lost has changed since cata storywise, not to mention the outdated look of some zones.

Lordaeron was very big. Probably around Suramar’s size.

Orgrimmar is huge in cinematics but really small in game as well.

I agree, but work can be done to improve the look and feel of some of them.

Nobody deserves to be homeless forever. Gilneas is one of the cities that should be used as a player hub. I mean it looks amazing and Worgens deserve a home after all this time.

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Cities will only ever be rebuild in connection with gameplay content. Will rebuilding Lordaeron be tied to enough gameplay to justify the time investment? Will the rebuild Lordaeron be used in content like Warfronts, Raids, or urban questlines? Because that’s the only way I’d ever see it happening. Funnily enough, in that case it would most probably be rebuild as a neutral city, so that both factions can share content. Wouldn’t that be fun now?

The gilnean and alliance scum will be killed to the last and kicked out. No peace for alliance dogs ever. Loktar.

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Ah, there you are Erevien, I was starting to miss your insightful input. :wink:

I agree as well, I loved when they redid the whole old world in Cata. Actually think we got some of the best questlines in the game out of it and it is about time they do that again. Problem is that people would probably want the Cata world state preserved somewhere, and that would mean either something like some Chromie time phasing or at the most, another whole seperate game like Classic.