Soaring Spellbook should win

Guys… vote for the Soaring Spellbook, please!

Just look at what could be:

Imagine standing on a giant flying tome the same way we stand on the panda discs while it flaps its pages all wisdomy-like!
The mount special animation could be the book doing a circle above us and then eating us, after-which we re-appear like we’re teleporting on it again.

Or this amazing piece of art:

P.S. I hope Blizz at least makes the runner-up and places it in the Mount Shop. :frowning:


Wandering ancient #1.


Of course, a fellow sin’dorei is a man of taste!


It doesn’t have to be! Sylvie… pliz, halp!

I voted for wandering ancient :stuck_out_tongue:


Not everyone can be born with good taste… like you ofc, what else could i mean! :lying_face:

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Boohoo the mount I like isn’t winning



How else am I supposed to get to Isengard without the wandering ancient eh?


But it could be! Think of this like an election, your candidate isn’t winning… do more campaigning. :joy:

Why are you being so toxic about this matter on every single thread?


I’m not being toxic. I just dislike people trying to force others into what to vote on. There will probably be a huge amount of topics on this still and Blizzard might reconsider ever letting us vote in the first place in the future.


If you dont vote Anctient you are scientifically wrong as proven by some study I pretend exists.

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they are advocating for it
Making a case for it

They are not threatening or holding anyone hostage.

When a politician campaigns do you yell at them as well?


I do often sit here scoffing at Trumps speeches yes.


I’m not forcing? I’m asking and i’ve shown what the option i prefer would look like:

Seeing it might change some player’s mind.
What exactly is wrong about this? lol

You could post in one of the other 20 topics on the matter

Some type of foods are proven scientifically to be more nutritious… but i’ll have a bag of chips please! :sweat_smile:

@Tifa I haven’t seen a soaring spellbook one though… maybe i missed it?

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I really like it, but it’s not your place to coerce people into voting what you want. Maybe send a request to Blizz if you indeed would like to see that mount ingame. In the future, because I don’t think it will appear in the Shadowlands. Maybe an arcane, scholar centric expansion. :?

It could be made into an inscription mount. I don’t believe they have any.


I’m not coercing am i?
/kəʊˈəːs/ verb

verb: coerce ; 3rd person present: coerces ; past tense: coerced ; past participle: coerced ; gerund or present participle: coercing

  1. persuade (an unwilling person) to do something by using force or threats.

I’m advocating for it, campaigning? It’s a democratic tool, campaigning is used before elections to gain ground.
As democratic as polls in the end.