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Hello I’m looking for interesting instagram feeds to follow or friends on steam.

Drop them below if you wanna connect with other gamers

Fake Horde (blood elves and nightborne) need not apply

(Dejarous) #2

Totally not creepy dude.


You can meet here

advertising isnt allowed on the forums rules are here

Totally agree with this ^^


Horde Bias

(Verngard) #5

Retributor strikes again, ladies and gentlemen!

(Iggwilv) #6

I rarely get creeped out…but even I find this creepy.

(Punyelf) #7

Bukachu has often plugged his twitter and Insta however I think Retributor is the wrong gender for him :wink:

(Dejarous) #8

I know right.

I’d be less creeped out if a guy with a chainsaw came up and offered me sweets.

(Brigante) #9

Yeah, that’s…that’s creepy. Notice he managed to slip his Horde Hatred in there as well as being creepy…Yeah…can you…not? Stick to one or the other, doing both is just…weird…

(Uldurin) #10

Did he just diss blood elves? Outrageous!


Ever since TBC human paladin males feel the need to strike at belfs for looking attractive.
I mean how else does one show his interest if he is shy :wink:

(Punyelf) #12

We don’t have blue eyes and don’t play for the Alliance. :slight_smile:


Sorry i couldnt resist :innocent:

(Punyelf) #14

That is NOT what I said young lady!!! :grin:


Ok I get the Steam part but why Instagram?

(Punyelf) #16

(Aldru) #17

He’s just jelly belf pallies look better than human pallies :stuck_out_tongue:


Easier to check while you’re on the go I’d guess

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