📉 SoD declines, Lava Lash is dying - please merge?

Can the devs consider connecting Wild Growth Eu with Lava Lash Eu?

Don’t get me wrong, I still think some language-specific servers would have been great at launch for Europe and I genuinely (naively) though a RP server would be awesome for Discovery.

Yet, reality strikes hard, there is no point in keeping Lava Lash (least populated server) dying alone in its corner, given that there is no RP in the “RP”-promised server

  • no roleplay activity at all (apart from very few individuals/groups), please correct me if I’m wrong
  • people speaking /say chan Out-Of-Character, just like any regular server and Retail
  • the Names Chart is blatantly unenforced - by the players, and ofc by any (now fired) GM
  • a majority has chosen primarily Lava Lash by mere chance or because other servers were closed at launch - not for immersion or roleplay
  • Bots looping undisturbed as anywhere else
  • playing RP in a server which hosts many different irl languages is flawed anyway

Moreover, SoD is losing more and more popularity. From crowded at the launch, with benefits from the BlizzCon anouncement, now it is generally unknown by the wide warcraft playerbase.
Almost no advertisement, missing sections here on the official site, and so on. Friends who came back to WoW after months/years never heard of it and I had to explain all by myself.
I can see the decision of making this a “public beta” with a pimper name, but this has consequences on the health of our server and in the end, on our experience.

Not mentioning the Horde’s situation that is even the smallest on the smallest server…


any chance of merging please?

I can come and join you

a solution please

Raiding and forming raid parties have become tougher and tougher, GNOMER no more tanks, ST is TWENTY men

Please, HELP!

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I just started as Horde on Lava Lash. Seeing from the above players responses I can definitely believe that despite the population being Low there is never enough people to run content.
I did join the server for its RP aspect, but we all wanna do content and that is expected for any players in any running server. Now I’m thinking of rerolling in the RPPVP one…

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How do you pick RP server and don’t expect it to end up low pop?

Defias Brotherhood (RPPVP) and Argent Dawn (RP) were two if thee most populated servers back in the day…

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Lava Lash EU and Chaos Bolt EU both showing as ‘locked’? might be something happening…

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Blue post says yes…

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So now that they officiated the Transfers from Lava Lash to Wild Growth(Normal), Crusader Strike(RP-PVP), where is everyone going if they wanna have at least a semblance of RP ?
It might seem obvious to say CS but where are the guilds moving to?


I bet Crusader Strike RP chart is as nonexistent as here so I won’t punish myself into PvP.

”Times change”

Maybe don’t base your assumptions on 2005-2007 ?

OMG we ackshyually got listened

Now instead of a cool server connection we have a forced migration that implies redoing the contacts, the guild, the tabard, and so on ><

What assumption did I make? I just stated a fact……seems you are the one making assumptions…….:+1:

The assumptions was that people would care as much about RP in 2024 as they did ”Back in the day”

Finally, ty blizz. Maybe care about your realms before its a problem next time or don’t. We know what you are like. Terrible customer care in terms of realm management.

With that, RP is pretty much gone in classic, as there will be… just an RPPVP realm left. gg rpers

People will return at 50-60. Its dead because there is nothing to do for anyone max level. Phase 3 has no content, even raid logging will diminish once people get their epics.

Phase 4 needs to be at latest end of May.

I waited for 5 months for RPers to massively come in classic. Still waiting.

more people no return.